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*gently kicks the thread back to the first page*

Wild Cats item has just been purchased!!!

Kaya is back to focusing on getting common rave items!!!

Woo! Go Kaya!

It looks like you might win Infernal Attire too xD

*a tackled and huggled, but huggles back nontheless*
Sweet for me to XD

Hey! :D

Thank you :)
I like yours too :)

@ Yeah121:
Howdy, partner! ^^

That is convenient...
How there is a stampede/rodeo going on...
Where I live right now. XD

@ - L o v e l y K r i s -:
*huggles you*

Hey! ^^

*is huggled*
Hey! ^^

I'm getting my hair dyed Thursday! Woot woot!

@ - L o v e l y K r i s -:
Sweet! ^^

What color are you getting your hair dyed?

My best friend actually colored my hair...
Dark plum (main color) and red (streaks)...
At her hair school...
A couple of weeks ago.


Purple bangs and highlights and the rest will be dark brown. This is all coming from blonde xD

@ - L o v e l y K r i s -:
Ooh...sounds awesome. :puppy:
I would totally love to have purple in my hair.

I wish I was blonde.
Then, it would be easier to color my hair.

It's NOT easy to bleach from dark brown though, lemme tell ya xP

Crud, I gotta go, it's pretty late. G'night!
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