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Re: ~ ::Memories in the Sand:: ~ [A Quest]


  • The quest title sounds so poetic. :luv:
I felt it summed up my life. All my favorite places to visit have had sand of some form and I always dreamed of one day getting to see Egypt. A fitting title for a thread in which I quest for adventure. XD

Re: ~ ::Memories in the Sand:: ~ [A Quest]


  • Certainly! :nod: What are your favourite places?
When I was younger, we used to take a two hour drive up north to Harrison, a place called Budd Lake. My grandparents had a cabin by the lake up there and we would go every summer to stay for a couple weeks. I loved that place, I looked forward to it every year. It was the best of both worlds, grassy with cool water, full of fish for fishing (back when I fished), yet it also had sandy beaches. I don't think I ever knew the name of the campground, I'd have to ask my mom for sure. But after the summer when I was eleven, my grandparents up and sold the place without telling any of the family, despite my parents expressing interest in it if it was ever to be sold. We drove by it a couple years later to see what it was like with new owners, but that too has been years ago. It is kind of weird, but one of my goals is to drive up there one summer and see if the new owners are home so I can ask if they'd let me sit on the dock and soak my feet in the water one last time. I spent a lot of time there with my grandfather, fishing, talking and just sitting. He has Alzheimer's now and it has progressed to the point where he is bed-ridden and reacts on only the basest of instincts. He no longer speaks, but he'll make expressions and noises. Kind of like an infant.
I really would like to see if they still have actual tent camping sites there this summer, so that Dalton (my boyfriend) and I could drive our motorbikes up to tent camp and backpack. Then maybe, stop in at the old place and see if the current owners would be so kind to grant me one simple wish?

Re: ~ ::Memories in the Sand:: ~ [A Quest]


  • That sounds like a really nice time. It's a bit sad that they sold it, though. :( I hope you get to visit it and that the current owners are there and sympathetic. I don't see why anyone wouldn't allow such a little thing, but then some people can be a bit weirdly territorial.

Re: ~ ::Memories in the Sand:: ~ [A Quest]

Yeah, I have no idea what to expect. I am hoping to get up there one of these weekends when we have nice weather still. This past week has really screwed a lot of my plans financially and time-wise.

My birthday was the tenth, and my car took a shit on me that afternoon . I spent most of that day thinking I was pregnant (even though I take my meds every day at the same time, my time of the month has always been like clockwork right on the New moon, it was off by a few hours and I wasn't expecting that because it hasn't fluctuated in years since I've been on these meds, so those few hours scared me). One of the insufferable cocky customers decided they could get away with giving me a birthday kiss on the cheek complete with sidearm hug like I was a possession...I called his ass up and chewed him a new one after he left (benefit of having a whole database of customer contact information). I had to ask my boss if I would lose my job if I confronted him about it (only thing that stopped me from attacking him right on the spot when he was still in the office. Although I did glare at him like I wanted to kill him after he did it, but he didn't seem phased. Cocky bastard...). One week and $1100 later and my car is still here being worked on (good thing I work in an auto repair place). I have been driving my motorcycle for the past week, which the weather has been very accommodating for. So I have to do bath tub laundry again sometime today because I have no way to drive all my laundry out to the laundromat. My clasp for my backpack that I use on my bike rides broke on the day after my birthday, so I have had to tie the stings in a knot around the clasp strap to keep all my stuff from flying out of my bag at 60mph. My left contact tore on Thursday and I have had to attempt to crush my glasses into my motorcycle helmet since those were my last pair of contacts until I reorder. I had an awesome weekend despite all that crap, so I hope that all that crap is done and that karma has rebalanced itself. O___o

Sorry for the wall of text there! How have you been? Love, love, love your avatar! :heart:
Hi, Coyote! Nice quest thread! :)
Well, it's 5:35 am here. I work night shift so at some point I'll be going to bed.
And kinda sorta. It's my boyfriend my's day off together so we'll be hanging out. Going to go to this place called 420 Munchies for my birthday (was the 2nd but I was working). If the name isn't obvious enough, it's like a stoner's wet dream (disclaimer: not a stoner, I just like the place). They serve some crazy food.
So other than that, not really. Unfortunately I have to work Monday so my weekend (I work 4 on, 3 off) is cut short. But at least the money will be good.

It's fine, no worries!

And, uh, ah...we never actually went. My boyfriend and I ended up in this HUGE fight and though we made up, we just ended up not going. Another time, though. Maybe this weekend after I'm done jumping my butt off at Skyzone.
I see. But what is important is that you guys made up. What is Skyzone? Is it like one of those places that do rock walls and stuff like that? I haven't been up to much myself. I normally travel all over the US for work (I'm in road construction), but some weird scheduling error has had me off work for over a month now and I've been going crazy sitting at home not making money. No one I contact seems to know why I am not on the schedule for anywhere. The job I am supposed to be on right now is work on a military base, so my guess is it must be taking extra long for my information to clear for my access badge for the job. On the bright side, I am already going to be home for the time off I put in for back in November. Three friends and I are going to a P!nk concert this Sunday (odd tour date, I know), so we're making a girl's weekend of it. The only big plans I've had the whole time I've been home thus far.


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