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Well, if there is a hell, it sounds like you found it. Petty women are for some reason even worse than petty men. That sounds super aggravating and I don't think I could handle it as gracefully as you seem to be handling it.
Seriously, I probably would have told her to go fuck herself and grow up. I really cannot stand petty people in any scenario, especially at work.
Also, that says so much about your foreman for not telling her to stop whining and deal with it because you have seniority, technically, so you get your own room.
Like I was beyond annoyed that my team leader didn't just tell him to suck it up because he needed help and if he didn't like it he could just go home (he would have, too, that's the kicker).

Oh! I have another example I just remembered. We were really short handed, so me, another guy, and kinda sorta this dude were all taking turns running one of the die out stations to keep the back running as smooth as possible. I guess this guy felt entitled to do so because he was pulling "double duty" (the spot we were all trading out on he claimed he couldn't do entirely because he was too old...when I knew dudes twice his age that could bust ass 10x harder than him). Well, he pulls out his phone and actually starts talking on it. I told him he needed to get off because we're shorthanded and he just brushed me off. Now, I don't care if people are texting on their phones so long as I'm not waiting on them, but phone calls should be done on break unless it's an emergency (which this wasn't because he was laughing).
I waited a couple of minutes to see if he would get off and go back to work, but when he didn't, I went and told our team leader because, HELLO WE"RE SHORTHANDED AND I'M NOT DOING YOUR JOB FOR YOU BECAUSE YOURE ON YOUR PHONE. He gets so mad that I 'didn't mind my business' that he went home halfway through the shift because he got in trouble for it. Like, seriously? If I'd beena TL or GL I would have written his ass up for that.

But all of this type of shit accumulated because my team leader never told him to cut his shit that my group leader made notes of a bunch of stuff and he finally got a big talking to. I don't know all that was said before this happened, but he apparently said something along the lines of "If you don't like what I'm saying, you can fire me" and my group leader was like "Okay. I accept your resignation."
Then the night shift administrator walked him out.
Gods, I was so happy.
I'm so glad I'm out of that department though. Too much BS for my tastes.
Wow. I don't put up with phone bs, so I don't blame you. Years back I was a store manager when I was like 19. This girl I went to school with was a year older than me, but dumber than a box of rocks. I was her supervisor and she had a bad habit of ignoring customers and being on her phone. On a day I knew we were gonna be swamped with crap, I opened her cash drop box before her shift started and politely requested that her phone go inside it (because it is against policy to open the drop box again after that moment until the store is closed). I shut and locked that infernal thing in there and got the best day's work out of her for probably what will be her entire life's career. Even in construction it is the same crap, but we got safety issues because of it. People driving a truck hauling a hot tar kettle with a guy being dragged by the tar wand or sand blasters in front of the trucks getting hit because the driver is messing with their phones. I imagine this guy that was on his phone where you worked was probably creating a whole lot of safety hazards as well?
No, actually. He was just hiding behind one of the material lazy boy racks out of our team leader's sight. But it can cause safety hazards if you're looking at your phone instead of where you're going, especially out in the walkways next to where forklifts drive through or in the parking lot.
It is a BIG no no for our forklift drivers to be on their phones while operating a forklift. I guarantee you if one of them got caught doing it, he'd probably be fired on the spot.
That would annoy me so bad. We weren't allowed to have our phones out on the floor when I worked in retail and I would just leave mine in my locker before clocking in because of it. Our registers had clocks on them, so other than a calculator, which they provided in case we needed it, I didn't need it out anyway. We're technically not supposed to have them out while we're on the floor where I work now, but depending on the leader and if it's interfering with work, most don't mind.
I've had guys that would be on their phone while someone in a spot ahead of them was waiting on them. I remember one guy specifically a while back who was constantly dealing with baby mama drama and he was ALWAYS on his phone. ALWAYS. I remember watching him because he was training to drop glass (I was super jealous because he was horrible and I wanted to learn so bad) and I legit watched as the entire line cleared up of doors while he just stood there on his phone. I actually had to yell at him to get off because of it.
The line specialist at the time told him he needed to get off his phone another time and he got so mad that he threw it. Too bad it didn't break.
That particular retail job allowed only management to possess cell phones because they would need to be on a conference call once a month and the store only had one phone line, so to prevent the line from being blocked for our customers and other important callers, the management would use their cells to be on the conference calls. All other employees were not allowed to have their phones out, but unless the district manager or higher ups were coming, the other manager did not care who had phones as long as they did their job. He actually started using the drop box method with her phone after I told him how well it went. She stayed on a couple years longer than I did at the store, but I'd pop in to see how my old coworkers were doing every so often. In the end she was terminated for opening a box of cookies to snack on while working and then forgot to pay for them before her shift ended. Soooooo, she was entered into the Esteem program for theft...over a $2 box of cookies. This is a network that a lot of retail companies partake in to avoid hiring people who have stolen from their previous employees. She miraculously got a job the next day at the store across the road which I know is involved in Esteem, so they must have hired her prior to her theft and she just didn't feel like putting her two weeks in, so she chose to be fired instead? But why would you ruin the chance to work at so many other places over a $2 box of cookies?! Lol!
Maybe she genuinely forgot to pay? Stupid, of course, but it happens. I seriously would have paid first, just to cover my butt...but ya know...
My boss's wife just got fired from her management spot because she took a pizza home. Guess they really take that seriously. I don't know if it was mentioned that they weren't allowed to do that or not, but oh well.
I just find it stupid for firing people automatically for shit like that if it's their first offence. A write up or warning and keeping an eye on the employee would be best I think, depending on the circumstances.
She knew. because she was asked about it by the shrink management guy when the situation was being investigated. Corporate money went into investigating the theft of a box of cookies, I'm dying man. She admitted to doing it intentionally because she was fed up with the rude customers that come into the store. Yet she thinks the grass will be greener on the other side (literally)? The same people that shopped in that store, often cross the road to shop there as well.
Ah, well then I guess she deserved to be fired if she did it on purpose. But yeah, I don't know why you would expect it to be any different at a different store. Retail is all the same when it comes to the customers. Really what makes it or breaks it is your coworkers and your managers.
I just popped on to see what is up and I find myself in the midst of an event. Oh ho, I must investigate this! Weather has been odd here. We had almost spring and then three days of high winds and snow. Almost lost power, but thankfully didn't, it only flickered. Today it is finally nice out again (or was, since it is 11pm now). Been home for a few weeks now. Haven't found a new job yet, but I'm still looking. Life has been kinda chill for the moment. Got a lot of stuff cleared out of my craft room and hauled off to Goodwill. So essentially, during the time I've been home, I have been cleaning and organizing the house. How have you been since we last talked?
Well, if you need any extra event currency, let me know. I have extra. I need to figure out what I need to get in the mushroom set to ensure I have a full set (I'm using some of the items for an avatar but want doubles of those to have a full set sent to my mule's inventory) but I think I have plenty left to buy said doubles and finish off the set. I THINK. Lol

And I've been okay. Been kind of meh the past couple of weeks but I think I'm coming out of that again. Been working a lot of hours because we've been behind at work thanks to our machines constantly breaking down but it is what it is. At least the money is good and the hours aren't complete overkill so I try not to complain too much. Definitely won't mind when we start working less hours, though. Haha
Glad you've been keeping yourself busy while looking for a new job. Being home for so long sucks, but I can't deny I would love to have the chance to get cleaning and organizing done, AND get back into cooking regularly so I can actually start eating healthier again. Haha
@Alistair I meant to return to Roli, sooner than this! I thought I had only been away for a couple months, but it turns out I had been gone for almost a year! Dang and I arrived at the tail end of the summer event to boot! I totally missed out on the event items from the last event that was going on when I was here! T___T
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