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Re: Endless Path - Come Chat!


I haven't gotten any requests specifically, but there are things that I've seen other staff members suggest, as well as suggestions users have posted about or asked for. There's been a few ideas I've tossed out there and have had fellow staff say they'd love to see it happen. I have a bunch ideas I haven't even started to work on. xD

Re: Endless Path - Come Chat!

LOL. I bet! :D

So how do you guys come up with MI's? :O Like is that random, or what? :O

(I feel like I should be an interviewer or something XD )

Re: Endless Path - Come Chat!


For the most part I've seen ideas for MIs created by the pixel goddess that made it, but I haven't been a CM for very long so I'm not sure if that's how it usually is. I'm not sure if there is a "usual" way for that. xD

(It does feel like I'm being interviewed right now. :lol: )

Re: Endless Path - Come Chat!


Hm, yeah, the Roli times staff pretty much already fills that role. If they get openings for people to be a writer then you could apply and get to interview people that way. c:

Re: Endless Path - Come Chat!


If I remember correctly there's a section in the Roli times that lists if they have job openings and what job openings if they do have openings. I think it's one of the bottom sections.

Alternatively you could start a user-run news source like a magazine or something. c:

Re: Endless Path - Come Chat!


Well if you want to do that the first thing I'd do would be to make a thread in the Roliana forum explaining your idea and then asking for other people to help. You might want to post a thread after Roli has switched owners so that you'll have more news to put up, but if you start now you have extra time to get details figured out.

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