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Re: Endless Path - Come Chat!

I know D: They're all so pretty! :D I'm attempting to save up 45K to get some things on the Marketplace, but it's not going so well. D:

I've only got 24.8K :(

Re: Endless Path - Come Chat!


Lately I've been keeping some gold on my mule so I don't feel tempted to buy things with it. xD I used to have a few thousand in the bank, but I found something I wanted on the AMP and bought it.

Re: Endless Path - Come Chat!


I swear if I had the gold to I would buy every single item on Roli. :lol:

The bank feature is a bit clunky for the user interface. xP Do you want me to give you a run down of how to deposit money into it?

Re: Endless Path - Come Chat!

  1. Mayhaps you should. So the questing's going well then? :D

Re: Endless Path - Come Chat!


I just need to figure out what I want first. xD

It's been going rather well and the addition of a new game certainly helps, thanks for asking. c:

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