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Sounds fun, I've never been to Disneyland anywhere before. ouo

I just saw some activity and posted. I need to get to 20k posts (19589) before it's too late. If you get my drift.
Caitlyn would probably call me public enemy #1. Since applepieguy is gone and he's the only user to join worse than me (an unnamed staff member told me that almost verbatim once).
I just passed up 375k gold on this account; happy about that.

Oh. So yeah; I'm doing okay?
Not really.
On my transition from Gaia when I was 11/12 years old I used improper grammar and forum etiquette. . When I was 13 and Obama had been in office under a year someone made a thread with some nasty disdain for him. She was actually the accuser, calling him a Muslim, but because I called her "stupid," I was the one who got a warning message.
There have been some places where because rules were vague, I broke them because rules weren't fully stated (to me that's being smart), and got in trouble when rules were fully clarified.
I got called out more and more once we switched regimes. Without Oli as head everyone was under a stricter regime. Maybe a certain staff member got a little more power and that went to their head. Just theoritical, I'm not saying anything certain.

Obviously multiple certain staff have threatened to ban me without warning.
A certain staff member said I'm not allowed to use sarcasm.
A certain staff member said they didn't have time for me and will delegate punishment by a certain staff member below them.
A certain staff member said no one likes me.
A certain staff member said they'd ban me if I don't follow the rules (I received a message rom ***** saying "Roliana will ban you without warning if you break the rules." I didn't do anything, I just got that reminder message).
A certain staff member threatened to ban me because I referenced TV show they didn't know.
A certain staff member said Roliana would be a better place without me.
A certain
A certain staff member has punished me to a fascist degree beyond their granted authority.
A certain staff member threatened banning because "I didn't like an item color"
A certain staff member said they wish they could ban me.
A certain staff member said they wish they could create a reason to ban me. Just like they create rules after I break them.
A certain staff member issued me a warning level and refuses to take it down after two years.

Even though I've been a staff before, they hate me? Maybe because after I bought the site I used modesty to adjust myself to be the richest user on Roliana. Maybe they're mad about that.
Oh, and I told a new user who had hit 3,000 posts quickly spamming games that she wasn't an OG, I just stated a fact. I got a message from a certain staff and a friend o the user. For telling her she's a relatively new member. Which she was.
A certain staff member got on me for double posting, and ironically I guess the rules have been changed and now double posting is allowed.
A certain staff member I found on Facebook accepted my friend request and abruptly blocked me on Facebook a week later.
And literally, not joking, every single thread I've started in the complaint/concern/feedback/help forum has been addressed by a certain staff member or another or another certain staff member so that they make my problems look stupid and not cared about. Sort of like "No need to get upset, McCoy. It's s easy as *insert solution*, no need to make a case." Once certain staff member told my my question was stupid and to "not make such a big deal next time."
A certain staff actually told me once I was making a scene by asking a site question.

I triple posted. Now any certain staff member has a valid reason to ban (or warn like they like) me. I've heard banning is coming for me since 2007.
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