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The real issue is that you have to refresh to get notifications and I don't always remember to refresh the page. I end up getting busy with someone else and just forgetting.
Wish we could have a notification beep or something. I'm sure there's an email option somewhere but I don't wanna clutter my e-mail.


:bird: :bird: :bird:
I have notifications on for everything. I just neglect to refresh the page all the time to check. It happens when there is a lull in posts and I go off to do something else. It's just a little thing and mostly because I'm just plain forgetful and multitask like my life depends on it.


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I start work Soon. Got hired on with the home depot which is nice because they'll work around my school schedule. Also it's within walking distance which is nice honestly.


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Gah x.x I hate that I'm not more active. Gunna keep this darn thread going while I'm around though.


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@Melodie I anticipated you showing up when my thread rose from it's grave ahaha

Adventures definitely. Surgery, school, work, and just in general existing. It's been a hectic past few months and I've got a second surgery in June. Just waiting for insurance paperwork to push through. I'm so excited!!

What've you been up to?


@KQQM haha well I'm glad you haven't forgotten about me. :P
Hey, sounds like you're doing alright! That does sound like a busy but good past few months.
Last time we talked... I think you were living in Oregon. (Or was it Vancouver?) Are you still around here?

Oh, life is ups and downs. This week was a work conference (which was fun) but I also found out that they're laying my team off. So... yeah. :sweat:

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