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Shinko's Quest For The Ages (Open)

~~~Shinko's Quest For The Ages~~~

Hallo everyone!
This is my personal quest, I looked for my last one but couldn't find I updated.
Roliana has more items to love! I've been on almost 10 years, I have a lot of time and items to make up for!

So welcome, I'm not asking for donations just someone to talk to. =)
~~~About Shinko~~~

I am female
I am 25 years old
I have a German heritage, but live in the USA
I have 1 son, his name is Dante
My favorite color is still Purple
I am a artist (I will do avatar art on request and payment)
I am a Pagan
I am also learning sign language because I am now 90% deaf
I have 2 cats, their names are Jayfeather and Ravenpaw
My favorite book is the Warriors by Erin Hunter
My favorite video game is Kingdom Hearts

~~~Currently Questing~~~
Right now just gold because I want common items at the moment. Any item listed that is blue I now have. =)

***Special Items***

*Imp Base
*Skull Belt
*Flying Bats
*Butterfly Effect
*Femme Fatale
*Cosmic Guardian
*Soul Chaser
*Hell Hounds
*Demonic Duchess
*Rainbow Pixie
*Rainbow Pixie Pastel Dark
*Skull Rock Plum White
*Eye of The Tiger Tabby RC
*Nocturnal Flower
*Faraway Galaxy
*Demonic Axe
*Gothic Tea Party
*Winter Weather
*Ying Yang
*Twisted Wonderland
*Fallen Angel
*Mansion Girl Hair 1, 2
*Purple wings
*Cirque Face Make-up Female
*Scorched Earth
*Villain Whip
*Crimson Ninja
*Valentines Vortex Dark
*Royal Armor
*Clingy Fox
*Key To Your Heart
*Skull Cape
*Neon Glow
*Glow Sticks
*Raver Shorts
*Raver Tops
*Fuzzy Leg Warmers
*Raver Arm Warmers
*Dark Halloween
*Shadow Sorcery
*Winter Nightmare
*Frozen Heart
*Jnco's Gear
*Wild Cats
*Eye of the Tiger
* Birthday Contacts
*Snowy Owl
*Tribal Sleeve Tattoo
*Tribal Leg Tattoo
*Star Tattoo
*Royal Rose
* Maestro
*Skull Rock
* Dragon of Sorcery
*Dragon of Purity
*Garden Party
*Dragon of Lightning
*Dragon of Harmony
* Mistress of Souls
*Matched Socks
*Rainbow Attire
*Winter Snowflake
*Cyber Goth
*Butterfly Effect
*Paranormal Investigation

***Common items***
Waaay too many to list at the moment

~~~Black and White List~~~

**White List**

* Littleblack ---For being an awesome person to talk to here. Keeping me company and everything. Thanks so much for welcoming me back to Roli! <3

**Black List**

Re: Shinko's Quest For The Ages (Open)

Heeey Shinko, I saw that your thread is open now, and thought I'd pop by!
How are you today? :smiley:

I don't think I have any extras of the items you need, if I have any at all, but I'm more than willing to chat with you to help keep the thread bumped :smile:

Re: Shinko's Quest For The Ages (Open)

I keep saying I'm back and then I leave again.
The house I was at taking care of grandpa he died. Not sure if I already said that, (brain damage and all that)
got married, moved and had no computer. Husband got one for me my birthday and mothers day.
He keeps telling me to go on the darn thing to draw and write again.
But I can't get the inspiration I used to have years ago. Roliana is the only site I actually remember since my coma and everything.

All I know is I'm 25, and I feel like I'm much older. Not allowed to say that I know.

Re: Shinko's Quest For The Ages (Open)

▀▀▀▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀
*internet hugs*
I remember you had a boyfriend who was on drugs and then your baby had trace of it. Then... that was it!
Not allowed to say that I know? Eh?

Well I'm glad you are back! Inspiration will come back slowly :) I'm sure. Just start with maybe a RP? Or just do your own RP (I'm sure you can....) so yeah! I'm always around XD

Re: Shinko's Quest For The Ages (Open)

Oh man so much happened then!

my boyfriend did get clean and has been clean almost 3 years now!
We got married.
I did date other guys but I never stopped thinking about him. We got back together.
My son Dante I have been fighting and fighting to get back with my now husband. We got him back...but we lost him again.

We lived in a apartment for a very short time, that's because there was very dangerous black mold.
I stopped breathing in my sleep.
I died.

My husband found me, did CPR for 9 minutes till the ambulance came. But I was flatlining so they shocked me twice to bring me back. The doctors didn't know what happened or why, I just fell into a coma.

Which I didn't even know. I dreamed a lot, mostly my life when I was younger. Adoption, growing up and everything.
When I woke up I was in the hospital and my hearing was gone.

I only have 10 percent now, I read lips and my husband had been there. It was before we got married he was there for me and stayed with me.

But at first the doctors thought I overdosed on medicine. There was none in my system but CPS came back anyway.

I must have done it to myself they believe.
Which I can't even begin to describe how much that's changed me. I forget everything now. My brain has been damaged too, but I'm alive. I was in the coma for 10 days.

I swear I keep dying and coming back lol. It's like the world keeps trying to kill me but I just won't die.

Since the coma my neck and head has changed too. Oh it hurts so much I get so many head aches now and neck pain. My husband said when he dragged me out of bed to do CPR I hit my head really hard. I now have a pain contract and see a doctor who perscribes me pain medicine.
He tests me to just to make sure I don't over take and abuse my medicine.

That's why CPS stays now. Because I take pain medicine and they think I must be abusing it, like I WANT to be on it.
It's not anything I'd wish on anyone the crap I've gone through.

The apartment complex knew of the MOLD and did nothing. Simply re rented my apartment to someone else. I'm trying to find a lawyer now because I wasn't the only one affected. I knew people across the hall, my husband said their child died in his sleep which doctors are calling SIDS.

Life is fracken crazy

I remember you. I remember Roliana, so I feel better. I was afraid I'd forget everything, but I at least remember you. =D

Re: Shinko's Quest For The Ages (Open)

▀▀▀▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀
Geee!!! Oh my word! That is a lot!

Oh no... but is there a chance you might get him back again? I hope you do.

Oh good he got cleaned! Tell him to keep up the good work :D

I think someone is looking after you and want you to enjoy life more!

I feel special you remember me ^^
I'll re-introduce myself I am LittleBlack, or call me Lily, libby, blacky or what ever suits you.
I've been here since 2008 so in November it'll be my 10 year on Roli (shoot! I'm old)
I met you through your brother's charity.

Um.... no idea what to say lol

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