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Meki's Millionaire Madness

So it is now time to revive this crazy quest!!

Once upon a time I had a quest thread where I was planning on getting a million gold, but then I left the site for a while and ended up giving most of my gold away.

So now I'm starting from the bottom and working my way back up.

25,500 /1,000,000,000 gold

Feel free to chat with me to help me reach this goal!

Chatting Contest!
First person to reach 100 posts (they have to be actual proper posts that follow Roliana rules) in my quest thread will get a 20 plat prize!

Make sure you're putting your post count somewhere in your post to keep track. Just a simple 1/100 at the top of bottom shall suffice!

Re: Meki's Millionaire Madness

Wow, 1,000,000,000 gold sounds a lot. I was thinking of doing some quests, but not right now. I can help out if you want, since I was thinking to earn some money by posting a lot anyways, so I can get my items from my wishlist. I wish you luck with your quest! :3

Re: Meki's Millionaire Madness

You're more than welcome to hang out and chat with me to help me reach my goal! Yeah, it certainly isn't a goal I figure will be easy. I am lucky I had some money in the bank already or I really would be starting from zero.

Though I suppose I could sell some of my old items to get some gold... I don't wanna get rid of any of my items.

Re: Meki's Millionaire Madness

Hmm... I don't think you should sell your items even if you don't want to get rid of them. I think it's better to keep them until you reach your goal or something, or at least wait until you lose some money when you buy something. Then again, that's really up to you.

Re: Meki's Millionaire Madness

I probably won't get rid of anything. I should make my husband log back into his account and give me all the stuff I have him back too, now that I think about it.

I do have a stack of plats that I may do a little charity thing with though. I used to do posting contests and such and give out prizes. Maybe I shall do a first person to reach 100 posts in my quest thread (besides myself of course) shall get 20 plats just because. Maybe I should check to make sure that isn't against any rules or anything now. I know it wasn't back when I was doing it last time.

Re: Meki's Millionaire Madness

Hey guys.... I figured I might stick around and chat with you two as well. I've been trying to find another item that matched the feathers, but it doesn't seem like an easy item to match. LOL

Re: Meki's Millionaire Madness

I hate color matching. I think I have hit perfect and my hubby points out that it is just a tiiiny bit different. I have given up on certain items before because they are hard to colormatch.

With those feathers being so dark compared to most roli items I can see how you might struggle. :(

Edit: Oh and welcome to my Quest Thread!! Grab some cookies, make yourself comfy on the couch!

Re: Meki's Millionaire Madness

@Evocative Enigma If you that makes you feel any better, I'm trying to get a Pink Rapunzel hair and Gothic Lolita dress and shoes, so I can wear them as a magical girl themed avi. I don't care much about gold, but then again, there's always commons. xP

Re: Meki's Millionaire Madness

Really? I didn't know that! That's sounds awesome. Then again, I'm kinda curious of what happens if I reach 100 posts, I might get something, but that's just a feeling for me.

Also, I just started my quest. It's on this forum if you want to check it out. c:

Re: Meki's Millionaire Madness

@mekatra The long pink feathers are from a newer item, I'm not even sure if the color actually exists anywhere else. XD So yeah, trying to find a color that matches is a rough go of it. Haha!

I'm hoping they'll eventually do more in the color though, it's a pretty shade. Sorry I haven't been around, been busy, but got free early enough to chat tonight. ^_^

@GirlaPH Your avi is looking really cute. And the games a good way to earn gold. You can get up to 800g a day (200g max per game) and if you make two mules, it's easy to cap out on the games each day, once you learn them. (I'm HORRIBLE at the flappy Rialo game though) LOL Flappy Bird was NEVER a friend of mine, but at least the other three are easy enough for me to play, though the coil one isn't one I'm good at enough to get max each time. XD

Re: Meki's Millionaire Madness

The blueberry is really pretty, there's enough of it now, since it's been in a few items and common sets, even though it's not as old as some of the original colors around on the site. But yeah, I haven't seemed to come across anything else in the pink color yet. XD The leaf thing (on the head) is close, but it's still more red than the rest of the feathers.

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