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~Forever Questing~

There is always an item or two I would love to have but because sometimes I can't get on here to be as active as I want to be, so I hoped maybe coming here and posting around could help. I mostly hope to have a few people willing to chat with me here to help me make some gold for things ^^

Re: ~Forever Questing~

Good luck on your questing!
When you have some specific items you might be wanting, feel free to check out the Charity in my signature. Might be able to help you out <3

Re: ~Forever Questing~

I might have to when I get off work. Most of the stuff is shop items so far xD

Re: ~Forever Questing~

After I've not been very active (which is a lot lately), I come back really wanting to get some good donations out :gift:

Re: ~Forever Questing~

That's cool :) I hope to post enough to make some decent gold too xD

Re: ~Forever Questing~

It can be a little quiet around here sometimes (as you have probably noticed). But if you find the right active threads and everything, you should totally be able to get some good gold!

Oh yeah, and don't forget you can use post styles to help earn more gold if you want :)

Re: ~Forever Questing~

Oh they're pretty cool and simple when you get the hang of it! You just create one (or use one created by someone else) and just copy and paste it with each post. And then type in it where you are suppose to. Some sites actually have automatic ones you can set up. Pretty sure it hasn't been implemented here, yet.
I use to do them pretty often, but now I'm just lazy lol. I'll make them for specific threads like event threads and the Charity. But I don't use them much for my normal posts anymore.

Here is a thread by @Stylo that has free layouts for you to use.

There's a whole bunch so I'm sure there is something there that you'll like!

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