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*luffs on Sass* :*

No need to get yourself in trouble my dear heart, everyone one will see the true colours soon enough. Why any site would condone the blatent harassment of another person over multiple sites is a mystery to me.

Only have one question :wink:

Can i do that every that donates get something in return like an art or something?
That's all i need to know :)


Thank you so much... this is really useful!
I've started a Quest thread, but had many questions..
All that have been answered in here!


Your thread is very helpful. I'm making a quest thread and was confused on how to structure it and how to make it like able, but your thread has really helped me. Thanks so much. You've done a great job.

Uh I may seem a little slow for asking this but... >_> Won't giving out money, items, and such defeat the purpose of trying to get money for items and the like? >_> Also, if you don't give out money then people won't stay which means the thread will die so.... why have a quest thread? I'm sorry I just really don't understand...

I think I may have missed this in the rules or something, but may we carry out conversations in our questing thread? I've never had a questing thread and I'm sorry if that is a stupid question.
Is there anymore suggestions to make my thread more appealing to other users?
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