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Oh my goodness! This is so very helpful for anyone in Roiana. Way to go, Mo! :D A big thumbs up for those nice forums too! Hee hee. I hope everyone gets their dream avatar 8)

I just started, so thanks for the guide. Its really helpful! :D

So very glad that you are all finding the guide helpful.
Thanks for all the kind words!

Mo wrote:Q&A

Reserved for future questions and answers.

how do we start a quest?


I have a question as well.

You said that if we're going to quest for a dream avatar to provide a picture. How do I do that, exactly? :?

This is helpful^^

Thank you.. this is really helpful.

Mysti and Pookie : Thank you! I am glad that it is helpful! Good luck with your future quests.

Shelb : Please read the posts on the first page of the thread, specifically the second and third posts, those will tell you how to start a quest.

Moonlit : To find out how to make a dream avatar and post the picture go

awwwwww u look so cute

Thanks mo, I know this sticky thread will likely help many people to set up their quests. Oh, by the way, I love your avvi. How long did it take you?

Thank you very much for posting this. It helped me quite a lot. :D

Hmm... I think I'll be using this! Looks pretty decent and helpful!

Good Luck with it all, I hope it goes well!
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