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A Dream Avatar GUIDE! [updated 02/16/2014]


So, you want to make a dream avatar, but have no idea how to do it?
...Well, you've come to the right place!

It’s about time I updated this! Welcome to the rehashed guide to making a dream avatar on Roliana 2.0! It’s been a long while since this has been useful and I’m very sorry! I’m here to make that up to you now! This time, I’m going to take you step by step through the entire interface that’s set up now. I’ll prove picture aides as well! Here we go!

Let's take this step by step!

You have two option to get yourself into the area to start making your avatar/dream avatar! Doesn't matter which way you choose for this part because you're going to end up on the same page either way. You can choose either to get to where you need to be for the next step!


Alright, let’s go through a basic breakdown using the visual aide provided below that I have numbered! Once you’ve chosen what way you’ve clicked your way to this page, you’ll see your inventory all over in the middle… and we’ll touch on that later but focus on the more vertical part highlighted in the image below! Let’s break it down a little just to get a bit more understanding because knowledge is POWER!


    1. You’ll notice my outfit says Outfit 3. Currently, you can save up to four Outfits made of items you currently own that you like for use. It’s pretty nifty and I’m certainly making use of all of mine, you should too when you can! It’s fun, so why not?

    2. The lovely Unequip All button comes in handy. Don’t worry about accidentally clicking it if you’ve done so on an outfit you’ve already saved! If you just go to choose another outfit without saving your accidental unequipping, it’ll ask you if you want to save the changes made or discard them, which is nice! However, if you’re building an avatar that you haven’t saved yet, be sure not to accidentally click that button… because I’ve done it once and became full of LAMENT! I don’t want you to feel that same lament.

    3. Save outfit. If you play video games, you know there’s nothing sweeter than being able to save your progress on the fly. Actually, you probably know that if you’re an artist or writer who hasn’t saved in a long time on a project and the power goes out, your computer decides to auto-update or something else happens that you haven’t saved in forever and now you’ve lost everything! It’s the worst, but this here button can save you from that fate when you’re making an avatar!

    4. The Set as Primary Button is pretty self-explanatory, but I’ll explain it anyway! This here button is lovely. You have all those outfits now you want to choose which one you want everyone to see on the forums? Well, give this here guy a click, and now this is the face of you on the site so, I hope you picked a good one!

    5. And now… the moment you’ve been waiting for. Click this button and you’re on your way to making the dream avatar of… well… your DREAMS!

Alright, are you ready to rumble? This is where things can start to get a little confusing. Just, try and follow along and feel free to ask questions when you’re done reading this/trying this. I will certainly try to answer them to the best of my ability. This time, you’re going to be following along to the colored boxes!


The image is under a spoiler because it's a bit big... apologies!

    As you can see, I have a dream avatar already made! This is where it'll chill as you work on it from start to finish. Before you start, it's just a plain, blank, pure slate from which you can begin. Beneath the space where your dream avatar will reside, you see a number of buttons. Our old friend Unequip All is there! We know what he does. And there's Save Outfit's cousin Save Dream Avatar who does the same thing Save Outfit does for your normal avatars but for your DREEEEAM! Lastly, there's My Avatar. Clicking this will take you back to the last page we went over earlier!

    This is where things start to get interesting! But, worry not, I'll try to explain it as best I can. If you need further help after reading this, again, feel free to ask in this thread, I'll answer to the best of my abilities! Or someone else will. People are pretty helpful on this site after all!

    The search box. It's pretty self-explanatory. Perhaps you already have an idea of an item you want to use in this dream avatar. Maybe it's one you want to base the entire outfit around! That was the case for the avatar in the image. Those darn Strawbunny Ears and their adorableness! So, you can start typing in the search bar "straw" and you'll notice that any item with straw in it will show up in the inventory list (the teal-ish box area!). It's a really helpful function if you want to utilize it. You can even just type in colors and the like for items of a particular color!

    The bar that says Newest First in the image is a drop down menu with various options to use while searching. The options are: Alphabetically, Newest First, Oldest First, and Random! Choosing Alphabetically means your search term listings will be in alphabetical order. Choosing Newest First has items added most recently. Oldest first does the opposite. If you're a wild child or just not too choosy and want to throw caution to the wind? Random might just be for you!

    Click Here To Select Some Tags. I have a love/hate relationship with this feature. But, it is useful in its own way. Clicking in that space will also bring up a drop down menu. From there you can choose tags that fall under a few categories: Position, Item Type, Color, and Release Date. Maybe I'm just still not totally used to the system yet, but sometimes I forgo tags all together and rummage through things. Position is the one I find the most helpful for hunting down hand items. Maybe you'll have more success with it. It can certainly be helpful but I have found using more tags isn't always helpful. I mainly go with the position tag. Occasionally with the Item Type tag! Mess around with it and maybe you'll be more successful than I was with it!

    ONE FINAL THING I FORGOT TO INCLUDE IN THE RED BOX. The numbers to the right. They're the pages. There are no arrows to click, so don't think there are so little items related to what you're searching for. I made that silly mistake the first time I used this system and when I realize my silly moment I could have kicked myself. The pages are your friend if you used a broad search term or tag!

    The most important box... it's the inventory/item list! There are little previews for each item. (Some are broken, the staff will fix them in the future!) This is what you're here for, using the items! It's really easy to equip and unequip items on your dream avatar here. You can simply click an item once to make it appear on your avatar... and click it again if you want to remove it! There is another way to remove an item, but we'll talk about that with the next box!

    You'll notice most of the item boxes just have a preview of the item... but there are some in the image that have a little icon on them. What is that? Well,the shirt and a plus sign in the lower left means that it's an item that has multiple poses, isn't that nifty? A weird little empty-looking circle in the lower right that I think is meant to represent a platinum... denotes a monthly item! A sparkly star in the upper right means that is an evolving item. A rainbow-looking circle in the lower right? That would be a spin the wheel prize! Some celebratory balloons in the lower right? You're looking at an Event Item!

    This area is one of my new favorite things. This is where your items on your dream avatar will be listed. That's super duper awesome and I love that, but there's something I love even more about this area. This is the area where you can drag things up and down and get into layering. I layered multiple head pieces for the effect of the hat and whatnot on the avatar in the example. I layered a bunch of different things for the background. This is where you can lay on your items and decide what goes on top what goes on the bottom and everything in between. The top of the list is also what the last layer is. The bottom of the list is the bottom-most layer. It's plain and simple but it will rock your dream avatar-making WORLD. Mess around with it and you'll see what I mean!

    Oh, and the little trash bins listed next to the item name? Well, I mentioned earlier there was another way to remove items from the dream avatar... click that trash bin and the item it's next to will be removed! Nifty, right? You bet.

Saving and Sharing Your Dream Avatar!

You've (hopefully) made your dream avatar successfully but now? You need to save it and share it with the masses! Well, saving it is easy, you just click "Save Dream Avatar" and bam, it's saved! You won't lose all your hard work... But now, how do you share it in your quest thread? You can't just right click and choose to save it as it won't work. So, you've got some options. Options I'm only too willing to share with you!
    PC USERS: you can use your print screen button! it'll probably be labeled "prt scr" or something similar. Click it, open up paint, paste and crop then upload to photobucket, tinypic or another preferred image-hosting site and BAM! You've got a dream avatar to share with the masses!

    MAC USERS: your print screen is different but you can rock it! Simply hit shift-apple-4 and select the avatar. It should save as a png on your desktop. Upload to the image-hosting site of your choice and you're ready for action as well!

    ANOTHER ALTERNATIVE! Too lazy to print screen and open paint like I tend to be? Download the Gyazo app for your computer (not sure if Macs can) and simply click and drag and it'll automatically post it to their site which you can then right-click and save wherever you want or use as it! THE INTERNET IS SO MAGICAL!

Congratulations! You've made it to the end!

Frequently Asked Questions

None yet!

reserved just in case

And this is... complete for now, please notify me if anything should be added. :3

1st. Good job. : D

Well, thank you, I figured that people kept asking how to do it, so why not make a guide? :3
I really do hope it's helpful in some way. :3

You said 'Shirt' instead of 'Shift' x3 -Pokes- when you were talking about the mac version. <333

Awesome sauce maggie poo.

[Property of Bas] wrote:You said 'Shirt' instead of 'Shift' x3 -Pokes- when you were talking about the mac version. <333

Awesome sauce maggie poo.
Thanks for catching that. It's proof that I made this at 6AM after being up all night. XD

Thanks for making this Maggie, I had a few people myself asking this in my quest thread.

Yeah, I've seen people ask that too much. Hopefully now they won't ask.

Great job making the guide. You really did well on it.
It will really help with all the new users we have.

Thank you

Thank you so much for your help! I have been looking for that dream avatar thing! lol *huugsss*

You're welcome! I'm glad that I could help at all. :3

I've tried the print screen and stuff. First do you know any specific programs i could copy it on?

You hit print screen, open paint, then hit edit,paste. It will paste the page. you then crop the avatar and save it alone.
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