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For some unknown reason, I can't go (on) to the site??

Sooo... I finally updated this. Only took me like 5 years. Oops. x: It'll probably have to be updated again in the near future but... for now, I tried! INSOMNIA-INDUCED UPDATES TO OLD AS HECK THINGS! WOO!
I don't know if anyone mentioned it before, but a method similar to the print-screen and paste into Paint for Mac users is as follows:

- After making the avatar, hit Command (apple) + shift + 3 to take a screenshot of the entire screen.
- Open up your folder for screenshots (by default all screenshots are saved to the Desktop but here is a tutorial for OS X users on how to change the location to a new folder) and choose the screenshot you just took. Open it in Preview or GIMP if you have it and crop as necessary. This is different from the method you posted to save just the avatar image in case someone also wants to have a list of the items in the image as well, though it means the image will be bigger.
- Upload it to an image hosting site (like Photobucket) as usual and voila!
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