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@ Kei: ~smiles and pets you~ <333333

@ Dantes: It is going alright for me.
Just needed to get the help of my mule for snowballs. =3

~gives you some milk and cookies~ =3

*Purrs happily and eats it. Notices her gold.*
How that heck did you get all that when I struggle all teh times... ;_;
*Cry babies and rolls around on teh floor.*
No fair... I wants a lot of goldies too. </3

can i haz milk and cookies??

@ Kei: ~smiels and pets you~
I have been around for quite some time.
That and I posted liek a mad woman to get the gold I have now.

Please don't cry.
You will get this much gold at one point or another. =3

can i post like mad too?

@ Dantes: Oh course you can post like mad too.
You already have a lot of posts as it is. x3

@ Kei: ~dive tackle glomps and hugs you tight while giving you kisses~ <33333
How is my awesome kitty doing?

@ Kei: I am glad to hear that.
I am doing fine thank you.

I am just a tad bored.
I need to work hard tommorrow and this weekend at work.
I can't wait until I get my paycheck. =3

I am going to use it to get a new phone first.
Then fix my labtop camera.
I have no idea why it doesn't work.

~huggles and clings back tight~ <3333
How has your day been going?

Pretty good other then being sick.
I'm pretty happy. :3 <3
How about you? :3 <3

I am glad it is going good despite being sick.
I am doing alright too.
I am just wishing my throat wasn't hurting me when I swallow. x.x
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