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Re: Kyon's Quest

Those are quite lovely.
In real life I love clothes more so then accessories.
I can't wait for summer to come for me.

I have these cute little boots that I will wear.
They are kind heel boots.
I'll have to take a picture and post them. =3

Re: Kyon's Quest

I have never wore a TOMS before.
They do look rather comfy though.
I was considering buying a pair.

I am going to have to scout and look that up.
I can't really walk that well in heels,
but this summer I am so going to practice walking in mine.

I also have one that I wore at my grade 12 graduation.
They are nice white ones.
I was stumbling a little while walking.
I so need to practice and break in to them.

Re: Kyon's Quest

I never wear heels either, i don't really think that they are worth wearing on a day to day basis.
They can cause major feet issues that I don't want to have x-X
I only wear heels to special occasions.

I usually wear my sperry's and my pair of combat boots that I love ^.^
TOMS are SUPER comfortable. But I have to say my sperry's are pretty comfy too.

Re: Kyon's Quest

I want to be able to wear them on a day to day basis.
They look prettier then wearing my converse all the time.
Well now I have a nice pair of boots, so I can wear that in the summer as well.

What are sperry's if you don't mind me asking.
I am not familiar with that name.
I will have to see if any of the stores carry TOMS here.

If not, I have to get them online which is fine by me.
I buy a lot of things online.
For instance my Final Fantasy IV that I am waiting for in the mail.

I also bought these cute ear warmers.
It's like all panda and cute looking.
Sorry I rambled off there. >w<

Re: Kyon's Quest

These are just a selection of sperry's boat shoes, but they also sell boots and other shoes: ... at100150DM

And these are the ones that I have: ... ption=true
The price is 85 dollars for the ones I have, but honestly you can get them so much cheaper. I got mine for 55 dollars, and they are in great shape.

I also order many things online, it's becoming an addiction! I just love shopping x-X

Re: Kyon's Quest

Wow they are so adorable.
I kind of want to get myself a few pairs now. :puppy:
I really like the ones you choose.

The price for them isn't that bad either.
That sounds like a sweet deal for the ones you got. :nod:

Re: Kyon's Quest

Yeah! They have a ton of different styles, and I pretty much wear them 24/7.
They are really cute with jeans, and I also wear them with skirts and dresses, they basically
match every single outfit that I can put together!

Re: Kyon's Quest

That sounds really awesome. =3
I can imagine they would. =3
I wear jeans more so then none.

This summer I might buy some short skirts or something.
I do want to bring out my more feminine girly side.
That and start wearing heels more often. =3

Re: Kyon's Quest

Well I already have what I want for Christmas.
The answer to that would be my boyfriend.
I have always wanted someone to share the holiday season with and now I do. :nod: :luv:

I don't really need much material items.
I am happy with what I have for the most part.

Re: Kyon's Quest

Yeah it is really nice.
His name would be Mike.
He is really similar to me.
It is kind of weird how alike we are.
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