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Heck yeah!
I'm not here.

Re: ~~ Valo & Zazu's Mighty Quest! ~~

Ok, I'll do that. ^^ I've been gone from Roli so long that I hardly remember anyone's names either, but I'll try! B'aw, we love you too Huntress, and we're here if you wanna talk. <3 -squishhugs-

Re: ~~ Valo & Zazu's Mighty Quest! ~~

I'm sorry to hear about your loss, and I hope there's people around to support you. I haven't talked to you guys very much, but I know vahlow and azee always spoke well of you ;n; very sad to hear.

Re: ~~ Valo & Zazu's Mighty Quest! ~~

Sorry!! Summer has been so damn hectic. Family and friends coming and going and visiting 24/7, plus my grandmother's health is really bad, and my grandfather isn't doing too well either so I've had lots to do.
Hopefully things should settle down after everyone goes back to work and school.

(Reads back)
Oh, god. I'm so sorry for your loss. I know it really hurts to lose someone close, I lost a very close family member in high school and the woman who raised me is currently very sick and probably won't last the next year.
I really wish I could contribute to the funeral expenses, but I currently don't have any money. I lost my job and am in debt, and my family is struggling financially right now because my grandparents are too sick to run their business. If I had any money left it would go towards gas and groceries. ;w;
I didn't know him super-great but he seemed like a real good guy. My heart goes out to you and all his loved ones. ;w;

@S/Fu: I dunno, what was wrong with Siruye? I could help you brainstorm a new name, if you're not happy with this one.

Re: ~~ Valo & Zazu's Mighty Quest! ~~

Sooo.... how's everyone doing? I'm just gonna come in and break some tension I guess :XD:
this is the only thread I enjoy posting in reguarly :T_T:

How's the weather in everyone's region? Cold in the morning and hot in the afternoon? Fall and summer fighting against each other. Accept it, summer, it's gone. Let me wear sweaters and hats and scarves >3> and boots *u*

Anyone go back to schooool?? got a new job? eh? not me... for shame :gonk: hahaha

Any new series or hobbies anyone interested in? hahaha just some topic starters if... anyone wants to come in ... ;u;
See I knew I would kill the place. QQ

-luffs on everyone in here- I loves you all. Now I demand life to be brought back in here.

Re: ~~ Valo & Zazu's Mighty Quest! ~~


  • School's started back up for me, which means I'm super busy and can't get on to post much. :gonk: It's super stressful atm too, 'cause I'm applying to universities, and I can't decide what unis to apply to. I really want to go to these Scottish ones, but they're so far away from home, so I was thinking maybe I'd apply in London, but I'm not as keen on the unis there. :? Also the unis there have inflated entry requirements because of their location, so when I look at their syllabus it's way less challenging. One of them has the same entry requirement as Edinburgh, yet doesn't have an analysis course in their 1st year. :twitch:

    & Then I also want to apply to some top unis, but not too many, 'cause I don't want to end up with no offers. My predictions will be pretty high, but my actual grades is one too low. :(

Re: ~~ Valo & Zazu's Mighty Quest! ~~

-gives all the hugluffs to Huntress- ;~;

Ah man applying to unis XD Have fun with all that.. They're too expensive here in AMMURCA so I stayed with some nice little community college instead. ahahaha I might transfer to a different college someday that specializes in art, but still not a uni.

I can't wait for fall clothes to be like, EVERY DAY
-snuggles with the Xavy-
How is you?

Re: ~~ Valo & Zazu's Mighty Quest! ~~

Aw, good luck with everything Syyyrrrup ;u; don't forget to take time for yourself so you don't feel too overwhelmed =u=
that sounds confusing though, that's cool that you have the options at least? Eh? hahaha it's good to see you stop by the threadu~ :luv:

I wanted people to post and then got busy myself :XD: oh, life~
Xavy- Show me the pretties of the cosplay. owo

Chibiyuki- HIII!!! It has been awhile. -glomplehugs-

Re: ~~ Valo & Zazu's Mighty Quest! ~~

I am so very sorry for your loss. It was a shock to hear about Vice.
How have you been?

@Xavier: I remember you being Xavier and yes, it's been quite a long time. I've been good just progressively busy lately.
How are you?

@Hannibal: Hi there :3
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