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Heck yeah!
I'm not here.

Re: ~~ Valo & Zazu's Mighty Quest! ~~

Aw, I'm really sorry to hear that, Cherry. :C -hugsqueeshes-

I've been pretty stressed over school.. Just sorting out what I need to do in the future and all that. I've kinda given up on art and now I'm seriously considering learning Spanish.. for whatever that can do. I'll probably never stop drawing though, it can be fun sometimes~

Re: ~~ Valo & Zazu's Mighty Quest! ~~

-is hugged- :'3

Aww *paps* Yeah, school can be hard. So can deciding future. Been there. Still kinda there but at least my situation is stable right now. For now, at least.
Gives me time to get stuff together.

I'm gonna be bedridden for awhile, I need to get 4 foot surgeries DX Spaced apart to give me time to heal before they move onto the next. Recovery was like a month last time but they have to do a more severe surgery since last one didn't work, so I may end up bedridden for half a year OwO
Though, the part that upsets me the most is they have to put me under with needles. //shudders
I hate needles.

We should do art trades again sometime! ^^ Nyahaha. I'm just about to open a new art buy/sell/trade shoppe ^^

Re: ~~ Valo & Zazu's Mighty Quest! ~~

That's good, I'm glad your situation is all right now. ^_^

Whaaaat???? How come??? Oh man that's no good at all >__< Dang! I hope you heal quickly this time! I'd hate being bedridden for so long omg... I can't stand even staying in the house all day. x.x

Yesssss! We can anytime you want! I just bought a new micron pen the other day, I wanna test it out >u> I'm currently playing with a couple different styles. (like this one --> ... -602446858) and this one ->> ( ~~

Re: ~~ Valo & Zazu's Mighty Quest! ~~

It's due to a genetic problem that developed with my toes in adulthood. DX Can't be helped.

Awesome!! Art trade would be wonderful!! :'D
I'd love to see you draw more of my babies aaaa
I made a new art thread today ^^

Re: ~~ Valo & Zazu's Mighty Quest! ~~

Hey!! :D We check in maybe once or twice a year, so we're kinda still here! 8D

And omg I know?! I can't believe it's been like 10 years since I joined, either. It definitely doesn't feel like it!

Re: ~~ Valo & Zazu's Mighty Quest! ~~

I remembered my password! O: It’s crazy to think we met on here and it’s still around and now we’re going to concerts together and shit. 😭💕
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