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Roliana or Gaia?

Roliana! :D
Gaia! :D
I don't know... T_T


*dusts off*

Legal bump!

omnomnom slip how you doing?


Hello slit!
What a cute format!

Aww, I am not on your loved people list?

I feel sad.


OMNOMNOM TOTT:: Eh, fine I guess, haha. I typed maybe 5 pages of just English today... and today was my last day of school. What a fine way to start my vaca, eh?
And you? xD How you been? I MISS YOU!!


Choco:: Why, thank you! <3
My friend SillyChristy made the awesome header text stuff. x3
And, well, the boring red/black/gold stuff was created by me. Oh hey, I just noticed that my avatar matches the color of the layout... huh...


kittyshoes:: ...

Oops! ;_;

I am truly very sorry. You are going on the list right now. <333



How's it been going for you?
I mean, you know, it's summer, so maybe just maybe you'd have more free time to be on here? xD *hopeful*

I'm on here more than I used to be at least, which for me is for sure saying something xD
So how have you been?



Jess:: Yahoo! Hope this keeps up.
Unfortunately, it's the opposite for me. xD
Not much, I've got lots to do and so little time! How about you?


Tott:: Miss ya too! ; w;
Though, we just saw each other like, 14 hours ago from when I'm posting this. xD

Well sadly I'm starting to get to that point where I want to leave again


Nuuu, don't~! ; 3;

Staystaystay~~ xD


Please don't delete this one!

A thread old as time itself. Post formats broken beyond comprehension. Definitely a lot of cringey, baby Slipknot posts.

It's an oldie but a goodie.

edit: Wow, turns out if I resubmit a post the format fixes itself. Yaaay

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