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Roliana or Gaia?

Roliana! :D
Gaia! :D
I don't know... T_T

Pfft, had nothing to do with leaving Roli. It's mostly because of my friends. One got me into the Eels (Whom I now adore. Amazing lyrics with so much emotion put into them.) and the genre of Ska, which is a bit different than my standard listening material. It's pretty awesome though. An online firend of mine mentioned Between the Buried and Me, though I didn't really listen to them until months later, now they're one of my favoite bands. I also got into Metalcore type stuff, such as All the Remains and August Burns Red, and I found them kind of on my own.
But, yeah, Metal is still my favorite genre, but there's a lot of bands I enjoy that are anything but Metal.

Well, I don't really know why I like the whole Hardstyle Techno stuff. Mostly because of me wanting to learn the Melbourne Shuffle, but, meh. It's a guilty pleasure. xD

Mordecai is one of their older songs, back from their...second album. They were a bit more of a "scream so your lyrics are completely indecipherable" kind of sound. I like all of their stuff, though. Colors, their fourth album (of five), is my favorite. I need to get my hands on a physical copy of that album, as well as the live DVD which has them play the entire album straight. : D Plus something like six or seven other songs that were voted for by fans. Kind of a cool idea to have fans vote for a setlist.

Well, my iPod getting stolen was kind of my own fault. I would mostly use it as a memory stick to transfer stuff from school to home. One period, my class was in a computer lab, so i had it plugged into the computer, sitting on top of it. Because it was was out of sight, I wound up forgetting it. I came back two classes later, after remembering it, an it was gone. Checked with the office, they didn't have it. Checked with them again the next day, still no sign. So, basically, it was gone for good.

The story behind my new one is this: my great-aunt work at some company. They occasionally give out gifts to their employees. This time around, it was an iPod. So, she had it, but never really used it, so she wound up giving it to her brother (My grandfather) who wound up giving it to me. Oddly enough, it was the same kind as the one I used to ahve, only a different color. (Silver, while my old one was black.) Pretty awesome, as no one really had to pay for it. : D

Well,the censored CD I got was from Wal-mart. It's just Wal-Mart in Canada doesn't sell censored CDs, while the ones in the States do.

Yeah, money would be a nice thing. Also, you know, need money to get a car, cell phone would be nice, and college/university/whatever the hell I decide to do after school. : P

I-I am back? I dunno. >.>

EDIT:: ;ljasdfh;jna;sdfh Congrats on avatar of the week! \o/ Just saw that a couple minutes ago. Great job. : D


Slip: How have you been latel ymissy? I've missed being able to chat with you. It seems like the only times I am ever online are the late hours of the night.


Congrats on avatar of the week!!! :)


Jon:: Haha, I was just joshing ya. xD
All the Remains or All that Remains? :3 I've heard of All that Remains.
Hmm, I'll be writing these down, by the way. Always open to fresh music to listen too. x3

Lol!! That's kind of funny in a cute way. xD
Aww, don't be guilty 'bout it. C:

Haha, I know some songs like that. xPP
Wow, that is pretty sick. A whole album, straight!! You definitely should get that DVD. :3
That's pretty neat. There aren't many bands that would do that, make setlists based on what fans chose. :3

That's a fancy USB. And a good idea. xD
Dang. And you'd think that the person who took it wouldn't have seen it either. That sucks. ):
Since you told me about your iPod, I'll tell you how mine was stolen. Also kind of my fault, and now that I think about it, I was being really stupid. BUT that's a little besides the point. xD
So the past few years in high school I would just leave everything in my bookbag next to my locker, and only lock up the clothes/shoes. But this year, I decided to do the same thing, trust my classmates. Unfortunately, at least of them was not trustworthy enough.
Also not very careful, because I could tell that someone had been poking through my bookbag with just one look at it.
Dumb bitch. I was really pissed.
I have never been more pissed about something that happened in school.
Oh, and I checked the office too, and asked my coach. Course, they couldn't do anything to help me find it again.

Wow, that's pretty awesome! Haha, it's like a family heirloom or something.
That's great though, it's almost as if you still have your old one. :3
And, it was basically free. Even better. xD

Ohh, I didn't know that. I never buy CDs anyway, let alone at Wal-mart. D;
But, now I do know. x3

That'd be a heck of a lot of money, haha. xD
Have you applied for jobs yet?

Please be.
I missed you. xD

Thank you~~~! <333
I'm glad I won it, I've always wanted to be Avatar of the Week. x3


Jessie:: And the only times I'm not on are when you're on. ):
Maybe after these college apps I'll be able to have more time to chat with you. > w<


Christy:: Thank you! <333

All That Remains. That was typo. xD
If you check out Eels, they're a good band, but pretty different. They're classified as Alternative Rock, but that's such a wide genre you don't know what to expect from it anymore. : P Some good songs by them, if you want to check 'em out, are Tiger in my Tank, Saturday Morning, Gone Man, Cancer for the Cure, and Hey Man (Now You're Really Living).

Cute? I find no cute. xD Then again, my idea of cute may vary from yours. Or not. I DON'T KNOW. (Can you tell I'm tired?)

Yeah, I want it pretty badly. It's a CD/DVD combo, so it'd be nice to have. Just need money, of course. I have, like, $100 on me, probably a bit more. Gotta' count it later.
Well, the concert was for their new album, but then they wanted to play some fan favorites, and I guess those seven or so songs were the top voted. Of course, there were some I would prefer more (Namely Alaska, or Selkies: The Endless Obsession) but whatever.

Well, it wasn't really unnoticeable. I mean, the cord was plugged into the front of the computer, so, yeah.
Damn, that sucks big time. I mean, mine was left laying around, but somebody actually dug through your bookbag? That's brutal right there.

The iPod I have is the one with the video camera, so the only thing I really miss about my old one were the videos that I never transferred to my computer. : / Kind of sucks, but seeing as I can't even remember what most of the videos are, they couldn't all be that important.

I love buying CDs. I download music all the time, yes, but I buy the CDs for bands that I really like. I prefer have a physical copy of something in front of me instead of just having a file on a computer. Plus, money goes to the bands, which is always good. Most of the time, however, I'll download music from a band I'm interested in, just to see what they sound like. Don't want to buy a CD then wind up not liking the band.

No, I have not made any applications. >.> No idea where I'd get a job. Can't really at the moment anyways. Getting to and from work would be a problem, as well as having to watch my little brother most of the time. I do want to get a job for the Summer, at the very latest.

And no problem. Avatar of the Week would be pretty cool, but I'm not one for designing avatars. AS you can plainly see, I just throw on more and more pieces to mine, and I haven't changed it at all in months.


lol, figured that was the case. xD
I do like Alternative. :'D
I shall look them up and listen to them. <3
It'll probably be when I'm hiding in my room with my iTouch though, haha.

LOL actually, I can. I act strangely too when tired. xD
And what may that definition be? 0 w0

Ooh, that would be enough. Haha, does your dad know about this money? Because you have to pay him back? xD
You're not in with the mainstream~~? lol, I can relate though.

Hm, well still, these thieves have sharp eyes.
Yeah. And I'm not one to start fights, in fact I'm not one to yell in public even, but this was uncalled for... I didn't start a fight though. But boy, am I tempted! xD
Ohhh, and someone also took a cereal bar the next gym class. e we That was weird. Also probably the same person.

Well it's a good thing you don't remember. xD
I'd be very very sad if I knew I lost "once-in-a-lifetime kind of moment" videos forever.
A video camera? Is it a Touch? :3

That's a good method. I was also thinking about starting up a CD collection one day. Because if the computer dies and there wasn't a back-up, you're going to have to re-download, maybe even repay, for those songs. I think having CDs would be better too. These bands depend on us fans. :3

I see. Can't blame you though, even people who have job experience and degrees and such have hard times getting jobs. Summer sounds good though. :3
Ohh you have a little brother? What's his name?

I don't think you've changed it since last last year. xD
And gosh, designing avatars isn't always easy. This is the result of a couple of YEARS on avatar community sites. e we;;;

Ohh ohh and did you see? I'm coming to Canada tomorrow. <3

I honestly don't know, but learning the hardstyle dance doesn't seem cute to me. xD

Uh, I think he's aware of this money. I have more than I need to pay him back, I know that, though. : P

Well, I just really like those songs. : P I wouldn't call those songs mainsteam, that's for sure. xD I'll just have to look up videos of them live sometime.

I don't start fights whatsoever. I'm just too laid back, plus I don't like hurting people though that didn't stop me from giving my friend a spinning back fist to the face.
You hear something? >.>

Nah, it's an iPod Nano, 5th gen I'm pretty sure. Not the new ones with the little touch screen, but the one before it.

Yeah, CDs are nice to have. I have 30 or so, I believe. I don't listen to them all, as I've acquired them over a number of years, and my tastes have change. I do occasionally pull out an old CD to listen to for nostalgia. Gotta' love listening music that you listened to years ago. (y)

Yeah, I really want a job. Getting a source of income would be so nice. I'm going to buy a few things, then start saving it up for bigger, more important stuff.
Yeah, I have a seven year old bro, Cody's his name. Cool kid, annoying most of the time though. xD

No, I don't think I've changed it since then either. >.> I've been a member of Roli for a little over two years (Though about a third of that I haven't been active) and Roli was my first exposure to an avatar site. So, yeah. Not the best.

Oh really? Where in Canada are you going? I highly doubt you'd be coming to my province, nothing out here in the Maritimes. xD


I think it's cute that you're getting into the genre of music because you wanted to learn the dance.

lol xDD
Hurry, spend it all so you can procrastinate on paying back! jk

And then, who knows, they might release a CD/DVD thing for you to buy. xD

Hmm? What?
Nope, just a fly. o wo
. w.
(Note to self: Don't mess with Jon)

Ahh, I didn't know they had cameras. Hmmhmm, the square kind or the rectangular-shaped kind? xD

Wow, that's a lot of CDs. :3
I have maybe *counts* 10? Haha.
Yep yep. Nostalgia is sad though. ; u; I avoid that feeling/emotion when I can.

And when you do manage to get a job, you could get those big, important things really quickly. Not college though. That's a lot of moolahs. xD
lol, when aren't they? xD That's cute though. Sometimes I wish I had a younger sibling to pick on to cherish and adore. <3

Nowwwwhere near where you are, I bet. xD
*hasn't checked map yet*
Montreal. :3


Slip: Haha, I sure hope so. I miss chatting with you!


I miss chatting with you too! ; w;



3 months without updating this place? WOW!

*throws open doors to blow away dust*


Tsk tsk
Bad Slip, forgetting to check up on here and all!




I miss you! D;

Should have kept this place nice and tidy for when you get the time to come back, eh?

(Last time I updated this place before 4/19 was in January. *snorts*)


haha well I have missed you too!!!
Are you still superduper questing on here?


Yes, I am!
It's a lot tougher now that I can't make it on here as often, but I try my best to stay not-broke. xD

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