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I've never really been one for social media. LOL, No Facebook... (I have one because of a stupid reason), Twitter, Tumblr... I still use Deviantart for posting art, but that's about as social as I get other than a few avatar sites. Haha!
Yeah, I was never a fan of Facebook to begin with. Sucks that so many sites now you have to link to facebook to log on. Only reason I have one, is someone used my email as a sign up, and was just using it as an unverified account. I went in and changed the PW, and put a message on their board what they had done so that all her friends saw it, and if they wanted the account back to email me... If she changed the email, I'd be happy to let her have the account back. She didn't bother to respond, I changed the name of the account and just deleted everything on it. XD
Instagram is probably used 99.8% of the time on mobile application. I never use it online. That's it's model.
@star2000fire LOL, I might have to find a way to update my old winter avi that I liliked so much, but I just got done with art for my current avi, so might wait another week or so before starting a new avi.
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yeah me too. sadly i do but they'll never grow in.[…][…] […]

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