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No, definitely not. Florida is fucking hot, yo.
I was so tired last night. First time I've dropped glass in like 8 months and all except 1 piece was done by hand. Ugh.
Yes, we have AC and lots of industrial fans as well.
It's still hot as hell, but I try to stay hydrated as best as possible and do okay. :)
That's good...I hope X'P.
I have to say, I really don't envy you at all. And I'm really hoping the kitchen's AC doesn't go down this year at McDouchebag's, because it did last year and it took them a little over a week to get it back up again. In 90-plus-degree heat. No wonder some of our grill people had to sit down several times...

On another note, the managers there are stupid af. One of them (at least) keeps on complaining about how there's always mosquitos getting into the store. And, despite the fact that the drive-thru window is constantly being opened and closed, she can't put two and two together and figure out that it's going to happen when you've got a fast food joint that has a drive-through whose windows are almost always open.

Uhh, idiot much?
That's alright, my group leader thinks that getting new welders won't really solve anything because they'll be just as bad as our current ones in 6 months.

Our current welders are 40+ years old, have had every part in them replaced probably 2-3 times, break down EVERY. SINGLE. DAY and the weld like complete garbage.
That's like saying a 6 month old car will start having the same problems as a 40 year old car...Like, what the fuck.

Of course, he's just a moron in general and legit has little to no understanding of our department actually functions even though I think he's been GL for a couple of years now. On top of that, he is SUPER disorganized. He's forgotten at least twice when 2 people didn't/couldn't clock in and therefore causing issues with paychecks. I know this, because I am one of those people. It took a month to get my hours corrected because of his carelessness. A MONTH.

On top of that, we're being forced to work tomorrow despite the 48 notice rule they set into place. I only didn't tell him to go fuck himself and refuse to come in because I have a 5 day weekend next weekend but I'm gonna check with my HR lady on Monday to see if the 48 rule (being told 48 hours in advance that we have to work an extra shift) is strict and unmoving, or if leadership can fuck with it at their own discretion, as I was told by my old extremely moronic team leader (the super creepy one I told you about a while ago).
e_e Gotta love bosses. Especially when they've got the IQ of the aforementioned mosquitos XP.

Here's hoping HR can do something about it...I'm certain my place has an HR, but I've no idea how to get in contact with them. There's no numbers in the crew room to contact, no sign of it on the corporate or local store site, and asking managers just gets an "uhhhhhh....", because the scheduling team keeps on "forgetting" when people are able to work =__=.
Aw. That's not good. Poor baby. :(

And debating on if I'm just gonna say fuck it and buy a bunch of plays so I can buy both the new MIS and some if the old ones. Neon Glow and Joker especially. Lol
I planned to wait on the new MIs. I saw the notice. And the Joker in the Pack. It says Joker in the Ancient temple but that's definitely the one I want. Thanks for the offer, though. :heart:
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