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It's okay. Some art is better than no art and every artist struggles with that.

I've been obsessing over A Madea Christmas. Lol
Yes it will! Good for you! ^.^
Haha yes! I love how it handled issues on racism. Madea is nuts but also insanely supportive and reasonable when everyone else is going nuts.

Re: The Coffee House|Now Opened!


Batsy Says. . .

I really need to work on some of my old WIP's.
even though i drew anatomy line for line sometimes the anatomy is pretty decent.

I also want to do one because there is an art thing going around where you post a pic of your stuff
earlier this year and now. And i can FINALLY participate in those. :grinning:

Re: The Coffee House|Now Opened!

That was my favorite part, when it embarked on racism stuff. I love the heart-felt reactions and how the people were treated as if there were issues. Madea is a great friend and foe, lol. She's great for laughs and hard truths and will show you the right way, by force or not. There's her flaw, the by force, hahaha. I'm SOO glad that you can now do that Moody, that sounds so great and fun for you, ahhhh!!! I'd be so excited too, hahahaha.
Oh man. I love Madea. Yeah she's quite forceful but shes brutally honest.
Lacey's momma was nuts man. I thought my mom was nuts but that just took the cake.

That's awesome! Good for you! :D

Re: The Coffee House|Now Opened!

[usermention=70045]@{Blue-Eyed}Dragonfly[/usermention] My favorite Madea movie is Madea Goes To Jail to be honest!!! I love the plotline and surprises and twists!!!! Yes, Madea barely had any screen time or a backstory for this one and that kind of ruined it but the characters were so surprising and perfect for the role, especially Madea's cellmate!!! I forgot her name, it's been at least a year, hahaha.
I vaguely remember that movie. I really love Madeas Family Reunion. Haha

Re: The Coffee House|Now Opened!


Batsy Says. . .

And I started working on an old/new drawing.
Like it's pretty old but now it does not look like the same drawing as i tweaked the pose a little.
It's not as cartoony as it was and the headshape actually looks like a head. :laughing: :

I am realizing I love to draw female anatomy.

Well female anatomy is awesome except during that time of the month so ya know. :joy:

Re: The Coffee House|Now Opened!

I never watched that one actually, I have no memory of it!!! I knew I hadn't seen some of the Madea movies though, I only heard about them a couple years ago, way after most of the dates that the movies came out, hahaha. That sounds awesome Solar, I'm so happy for you!!!
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