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Popping back into this thread to proudly proclaim I have managed to write two FULL chapters for my sci-fi story Kill Me Softly and have started chapter 3! WOOT WOOT!

I definitely would like to make several changes to the start of it, but for now I'm just trying to not go back and do multiple rewrites so I can push further into the story. It will eventually get a major overhaul anyway as the story will not be the first in the series, but possibly last or next to last. We'll see.
Have you told me what that one was about? If so, sorry for for asking. My memory is shite. DX

I have come up with some more stuff for my Wars of The Fallen series. Actually in part due to our first rp.
Badica wasn't originally Kyran's daughter, but I like the idea too much to let it go. Then I decided to pair him with someone different than Raiya because of an rp idea Moody and I were tossing about that ended up not happening because I liked the idea of pairing the once pirate queen with a pirate hunter turned immortal.
Besides that, I came up with some new background for Kyran and Lianna. They're original backstory didn't quite make sense and though it still isn't complete, it flows way better now. Haha
Ah, I see. Sounds exciting! Dustin's trying to get back into Magic: The Gathering. I was into it for a bit when I was younger, but it's not so much my thing anymore.

I also figured out another tidbit for my Wars of The Fallen series, which is great, because it's one of the last few details hold over from the old days when much of my stuff was based of Inuyasha. I've been slowly trying to break free of all old story lines that either resemble too closely other things (that I know I based off of on purpose), or story lines that just don't add up or make sense.
Ahh, Inuyasha, I remember those days....
...I'm still a fan of it, too X'D

I kinda-sorta still play Magic, but I'm more of a lore rat than gameplay nerd. I still have several decks, buuuut I don't play very often ^^;. ...maybe because I like playing Blue. Which EVERYONE hates XP
I still love Inuyasha; I'm just trying to break away from any similarities I had to it in my series.
My Demon Lands were fashioned after it and feudal Japan and I've doing my best to break away from it. This latest detail I think cements that into a complete reality. Some of my demons were fashioned after demons like Koda and Sesshomaru (sp?) And Inuyadha where they have animalistic qualities but are still humanoid and such. I never really liked not having an actual reason for why that was when I had other types of demons but now that type of demon is going to be the result of failures by the gods in making animal shifters, which I like the idea very very much. Haha
Well, there really was no logical explanation for their existence before hand, and it bothered the hell out of me.
They're considered lesser demons as they can't wield magic, with the exception of Coda's mother Sheli (because she has a small amount of dragon shifter blood in her that ended with her son), and because of thos were enslaved in the Demon Lands for hundreds of years that ended in a war that Coda's parents were crucial in ending.
It fits in way more naturally than only having dog demons be enslaved because they have a berserk gene that could be triggered by extreme events and turning them into killing machines.

It's another piece of the puzzle falling into place after I eliminated my Being Titans (they were half Titan and half something else like shifter or werewolf or vampire or whatnot and were born at random to help in the war against Thoren, the Titan of Immorality) and flipped the series upside down. I had a basic timeline for the series but after careful consideration realized my Being Titans served no actual purpose in the series and removed them, pretty much leaving strictly my Titans of War.

Another piece that fell into place is Lianna and Kyran's true existence. They were originally prophesied to unite the Titans of War and bring the Mystics to their knees, this causing them to be cast out into their lives of hell. That prophecy didn't make sense though because in reality it never would have become true. Then an idea popped into my head about having them be the reincarnations of two primals who went against the others and were imprisoned for their crimes, whatever those were exactly. I still don't have all the pieces of their backstory put together, but it makes more sense than the original one (though that actually isn't even their original backstory, but that requires even more explanation of splitting up worlds and series and whatnot) and also explains why they're both as powerful as they are and why the primals fear them, especially Lianna.
I just overhaul at random, honestly. I don't have any finished WotF rough drafts; just miscellaneous scenes I've gotten in my head that I wanted to write out. So it's not like I have any major rewrites coming. It's a vast world and I want to get it put together better and hopefully by doing so, get a better sense of how I want the series to play out. I have 2 main story arcs for it at the moment. One with the fight against Thoren and one with Seriada, the Titan of Secrets who had vanished when the Titans found their way out of their mountain prison who reappears at some point in the series and it's discovered that she's working to free the Chaos Gods, a group of ancient gods that are more evil than good (most of them anyway) that were locked away to prevent them from destroying the world.

I have lots to work through. LOL

I mostly just need to do a LOT of worldbuilding for an audio drama idea I have called This Is The Apocalypse. It's basically a post-apocalypse, zombie-ridden slice-of-life-type story. With idiots, a bunch of nerdy weirdos figuring out how to human, and cats.

The way I plan on writing it is as if it were a series of diary entries, of sorts, with each chapter being from the point of view of one of the different protagonists. But...I need to do a ton of worldbuilding. Like figuring out what things like the Internet would look like, and how to take the town I currently live in and extrapolate it out into a post-apocalypting setting, since that's where I plan on setting it.
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