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Re: Kyon's Fan Club

Yeah I can totally understand where she is coming from though.
That is really weird, I mean your mom is supposed to be the parent.

She should be the one looking after you,
not the other way around.
Yes parents will usually wait up for the kids.

That's a mother thing though.
I like having a nice matching avatar.

Re: Kyon's Fan Club

Don't get me wrong. I like matching colours as well, but there will always be a shade that's different and some people complain about that. It all has to be the same shade of green or else their whole outfit fails o:
At that's something I don't worry about ^^

Mum's not a parent at the moment.
Just a teenager who looks old and asks for money all the time xD

Re: Kyon's Fan Club

I'm so sorry I haven't been online in a while.
I've been busy at work and such these days.
Today I worked with keesho.

He's a bit of a pain in the ass.
He wanted me to do multiple things at once.
I would do one thing for him and then he would demand I do another thing.

It's like cut me some f***ing slack dude.
I'm working as hard as I can already.
I was also helping another dude out.

Yes I know what you mean by that.
Seriously, when has your mom ever really been a parent though?
Sorry that was a little harsh, but oh so true.

Re: Kyon's Fan Club

You can't help everyone at the same time o:
He surely didn't have any patience or respect for you if he's demanding you to do this and that.
He should be happy that you are even willing to do everything he asks!

Mum has been a parent when we were young. Then she still cared for us, but I think she didn't know what to do with us? Like, when we had it tough or came to her with our problems?
And yeah, now, we cannot tell her anything anymore, because she's not interested at all.
Positive point from all of this is that my sister and I talk a lot more now o: So I guess it's not that bad to have a teenage mum.

Re: Kyon's Fan Club

I know I can't, but I sure as hell try to.
He should have a bit more respect for me.
Some days working with him is alright.

Other days are like what I just described.
Well sometimes people change and not for the better.
I'm glad you and your sister talk more because of this.

I personally fell like your mom is at a point in her life,
where she can now do what she wants to do and not feel like anyone is holding her back.
Mostly because her children are at a old enough age to take care of themselves.

Although I still think it's super irresponsible,
It's still her life and her choices alone to make.

Re: Kyon's Fan Club

I guess we all have our good days and bad days..
And sadly on those bad days we won't be that friendly towards others..

My sister and I even went on a citytrip together last week! To a place I've always wanted to go, and mum always wanted to go too.. But plans were never made, especially not since she got her boyfriend. It's just a city in Belgium, but with a lot of memories of WWI
Quite a journey for your emotions seeing all the names of those who lost their lives..
But beside those, my sister and I tried to make it a fun trip as well (:

During that trip my sister and I were both quite concerned about our pets though. Because mum had to take care of them? And she didn't want to.. When I asked her and told her what she needed to do: see that they have enough food and water and clean the cat toilet, her face was pure horror.. A cat toilet? I have to clean a cat toilet? No Way!
Mum didn't stay home either. We left quite early and mum only came home late at night. So the 2 dogs stayed inside for that long as well o: And as we all know you need to walk dogs or else they do their business inside..... Though apparently she doesn't mind cleaning Chihuahua and Spitz poo..
Now I'm wondering what will happen if I leave for more than a weekend O.o

Re: Kyon's Fan Club

*pokes sifri*

Re: Kyon's Fan Club

Yeah I completely agree with you there.
Lately I have't been as happy as of late.
The other thread I have explains it all.

I'm sorry to her that your trip didn't go according to plan.
Sometimes that happens to the best of us.
I usually plan everything when my boyfriend and me go together somewhere.

When we went on our first trip to Jamaica together,
I planned all the excursions and what I wanted to see.
We did a lot of walking around on that trip.

I hurt myself a little as well, but I was alright after a few days.
Your mother sounds like a very interesting person.
Interesting in the sense of she's selective of what animal poop she'll clean up.

My boyfriend usually cleans up after the two snakes and lizard.
Sometimes I'll take Fiji out to give him a bath.
I don't put any soap in the bathtub.

I just make sure it's lukewarm water.
Lately he has been a very sleepy bearded dragon.
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