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You just have to watch for the really good sales and coupons and pay attention. I used to be super good at getting stuff for dirt cheap when I worked in retail. Lol
For your favorite stores, sign up for emails. It might be annoying, but it also gives you a great way to get coupons and also catch their sales patterns. Then on those days, go shopping.
I always shopped clearance sales at my store, which is how I got a lot of stuff for super fucking cheap. It also takes patience and the willingness to just dig through mountains of clothes, especially on clearance racks because they're not always going to be organized by size for various reasons.
I used to be able to get what would be probably $200 worth of shit for $15-$20 because we'd have 50% off clearance coupons and then a $10 off $25/$30 that we could combine so I would sift through the clearance racks, calculate all the prices and then boom! Lots of shit for cheap. Haha
Patience and digging also is extremely helpful in thrift stores. It's how I usually find lots of cool stuff because I can just dig forever.
I always try to find sales at micheals and wait for good sales at joan anns for patterns but I always miss them >//<;

- a wild shampoo appears -

I love to thrift and actually went thrifting with my mom tonight before they closed. I found some perler beads for $3.00. I thought it was a pretty good deal. While out we went out to a hardware store and bought more plants XE


From before Blue;; I want to reply to your post.
I hope you are still going well on your working out and water intake!
I am trying to get back to working out but there is never any time for me or don't want to do anything when I can.

I got distracted with cleaning up my things around my desk, going through my books I got from the thrift and my bookcases are already they are just in a pile on the room and around my desk OTL. Right now I am using one of the piles as a makeshift laptop desk.
I am slow but surely getting my living room cleaned up but it's already been a mess for 3.....days?

Did you get to pay off your car and get those new shoes?? 0 w 0
Last year we flooded at the end of May and we still haven't taken care of the things we had to put in the garage OTL..... We both got big messes to handle but don't know how to handle....or it having a hard time letting go of things?

I am having a hard time getting letting go of non fiction books that I found at the thrift but it is all subjects I like and want to learn about......fiheogue ugh!

Keeping things clean is so hard...!

Hey Guys, I have a discord server if you wish to join
I should do that too?
I need to make my server a little bit more active.
I just havent been very sociable recently or havent talked to as many people I used to talk to 0 x 0;
But it doesn't matter because I can post what I what in the server! /within reason.
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