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Welcome to Roli's very own Global Trade Station. Here is a hangout to trade Pokemon between users, whether your just trying to get a super sweet new Pokemon to your team or you're filling out the PokeDex, there's probably someone who has what you're looking for. Besides trading, this thread exists to talk about Pokemon and often other things - it is a hangout after all. There's also news about Pokemon and information about events. So sit down, grab a drink (and maybe your system while you're at it), and stick around to chat.

Thread Updates/News:

March 2, 2014: Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection will be ending on May 20th. This means any DS and Wii games with online modes will no longer be useable, including trading and battling for the fourth and fifth gens. 3DS and Wii U games are unaffected. For more information click here.

January 11, 2014: Changed a few things for the layout.

April 8, 2012: Changed the font of the thread.

February 28, 2012: The thread is revived and the layout is worked on. The color theme will soon be changed to better match the 5th gen (and to be less bright!).

April 25, 2011: Revamping of the thread begins! And is pretty much finished aside from a few things.

April 11, 2011: I deleted a lot of the older Pokemon news to clear up this post.

Feb 26, 2011: I added two new rules to the thread. Also I'm now only going to post news about Pokemon for events and release dates for the games. (I got lazy with updating xD; )

Jan 8, 2011: Did some minor format adjustments, and changed the order of the news (it's now newest first).

Dec. 6, 2010: The thread is created and filled out!

Current Pokemon Events:

North America:
✘ None

✘ None

✘ None currently

Upcoming Pokemon Events:

✘ None

✘ None

✘ None

Soon to be Released Pokemon Games:

✘ None

Pokemon Games in the Works:

✘ Nothing currently


  1. Follow Roli's rules
  2. Be respectful of each other
  3. Be honest about the Pokemon you trade, if it's hacked say that it is
  4. If you are asking for tips for traded Pokemon: You may not force trainers to give you Roliana gold
  5. If you are asking for tips for traded Pokemon: I, Puu-chan, and my mule [Pegasister], have the right to terminate the option of receiving tips
  6. Not actually a rule, but I think this fits here best. While there's a ton of different forms on this thread for trading Pokemon and the like, you don't have to use them. In other words, casual trading is allowed.
  7. I have the right to add, remove, or change rules without notice

Friend Codes:

There are two different Friend Codes, or FCs, one for the actual DS games, like the ones listed below, and one for 3DS/3DS XL/2DS FCs, which are the same for every 3DS game and are dependent on the system itself. Please note that if you add someone you'll need that person to add you if you want to play together. Neither the game nor the system will notify the person that you've added them.

Please note:
As of May 20th 2014 Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection was terminated, which means DS Pokemon games no longer can use the internet to trade and battle. 3DS games are unaffected because they use the Nintendo Network.

Key for abbreviations (Game-specific FCs only):
D = Diamond
P = Pearl
Pt = Platinum
HG = HeartGold
SS = SoulSilver
B = Black
W = White
B2 = Black 2
W2 = White 2

Game-specific FCs:
✘ Puu-chan; P - 2836 6717 1188 - Sarah; SS - 3524 4265 3962 - Echo♪; W - 2752 0430 3386 - Echo♪; W2 - 2881 7456 0287 - MoonPop
✘ Hotarla; D - 4470 5826 9775 - Hotaru; Pt - 2408 9983 9184 - Aurora; HG - 3568 6395 6357 - Aurora; B - 5329 8906 8855 - Aurora; W2 - 2967 6589 3526 - Meilin
✘ LimeGreen; W - 0647 6799 1722 - Nicole
✘ Zorretta; B - 2365 9306 2326
✘ Jump; W - 1765 0112 2726
✘ Miiyako; B2 - 1593 2529 2258

Nintendo 3DS FCs:
✘ TashaB: 4596 9493 5012
✘ Puu-chan: 4081 6470 6878
✘ Zorretta: 4725 8303 2342
✘ Miiyako: 4682 8955 1035
✘ Leishini: 2036 7364 0467 (Let Leishini know if you've added her via PM.)
✘ Alonzo: 5215 0213 3697
✘ Tenshi Hope Sama: 0619 3076 2388
✘ foxotanashi: 3411 0558 7018
✘ Totodile: 0018 1994 4615
✘ UnseelieLady: 2981 5578 5962
✘ Fig: 3625 9413 6902
✘ Hotarla: 5327 1233 5144
✘ Shiyura: 0061 1154 5813 (Let Shiyura know if you've added her via PM.)
✘ PhoenixRose: 1220 7049 4792
✘ Amnesty: 1822 0265 6317
✘ Rocker: 5300 9940 2271


If you want to be added to this list, then just fill out this form:

Code: Select all
[font=Century Gothic][color=#16191b][size=110]I want to be added to the Breeder List!:[/size][/color]
Games I own:
Pokemon I breed:
Other Info:

Who they are:
✘ Puu-chan - has Pearl, Platinum, SoulSilver, White; will breed anything that can be bred without hacking
✘ [Esther] - has Diamond, Platinum, SoulSilver; will breed anything that can be bred without hacking and can breed shiny Pokemon (1st - 4th gen Pokemon only!)

Breeding Requests:

Here's where you may ask for a Pokemon with much control over its: nature, ability, gender, and move set.
If you want a specific Pokemon at level 1, then just fill out this form:

Code: Select all
[font=Century Gothic][color=#16191b][size=110]Breed for me please!:[/size][/color][/font]
Species of Pokemon:
Hold Item:
Move Set:
Other Info:[/align]

Breeding waiting list:
✘ None yet

Example of the breeding form:

Breed for me please!:
Species of Pokemon: Bulbasaur
Ability: Overgrow
Nature: Any
Gender: Either
Hold Item: Any
Move Set: Any
Other Info: N/A

Trades Requests & Offered Pokemon:

Trade Requests:

Code: Select all
[font=Century Gothic][color=#16191b][size=110]I'm Seeking this Pokemon!:[/size][/color][/font]
Hold Item:
Move Set:
Other Info:[/align]

Requested list:
✘ None

Offered Pokemon Form:
Code: Select all
[align=center][img][/img][font=Century Gothic][color=#8f8a87][size=110]I'm Offering to Trade this Pokemon!:[/size][/color][/font]
Hold Item:
Move Set:
How Many:
Other Info: [/align]

✘ None

FAQs/Area Maps:

Setting up for the DreamWorld: (The DreamWorld got removed with the release of X and Y.)
[spoil]Getting started:
First of you need a Pokemon Trainer Club account to go on the Global Link (which has the Dream World in it). Go to and you'll find a link there to make an account. It's rather standard stuff, and the website explains everything well. Now you can set up for the Dream World.

Setting up for the Dream World (Part One):
To set up for the Dream World you're going to need to grab your game and, through the title screen menu, select "Game Sync Setting". You'll be asked if you want to connect to Wi-Fi, select yes. After connecting it'll give you a code. Write it down or just leave your DS on that screen. Then go to the Global Link's website and login using your Pokemon Trainer Club account info. You'll then have a box on the left hand side to enter in the code you got on from your game. Enter it in. Continue with Part Two.

Setting up for the Dream World (Part Two):
Grab your game and turn on the C Gear if it isn't on already. Select the Wireless button(s), and then choose "Game Sync". You'll be asked if you want to connect to Wi-Fi, select yes. Then you can choose which Pokemon is going to go to sleep (until you wake it up) from your boxes. Pick whoever you want (but keep in mind that they can gain a level when they wake up), and then the Pokemon will go to bed. After a few minutes your Pokemon will fall asleep. Now you can exit out of the Game Sync and put down your game. (You'll have to repeat part two every time you wake up your Pokemon and want to go back to the Dream World.)

Going to the Dream World:
Go to the Global Link's website. Log into your account if you're not already logged in. If your Pokemon is asleep, you'll be able to access the Dream World. Click the button. Fennel (the same scientist from Striaton City) will walk you through everything as you go along when it's your first time accessing the Dream World. All of the minigames you play to befriend Pokemon have explanations as well (which you can read anytime you get the chance to play the minigame). At first you won't have much to do, but the more you play minigames and do things like watering your garden, the more you'll unlock. You have a limit of about an hour per visit, and you can only visit ever 24 hours from the last time you went to the Dream World (actually it's less than that now, but I can't seem to find exactly how long it is currently).[/spoil]

Soon to be added: Abyssal Ruins map


Here is a list of helpful links from some of the best Pokefan sites around.

General Pokemon Info:
Serebii's Home Page - a very helpful website with Pokedexs and information for every game as well as the trading card game and the anime
Bulbapedia - also very helpful, Wiki-style website
Serebii's Diamond/Pearl/Platinum/HeartGold/SoulSilver Pokedex - information on every Pokemon from numbers 1-493
Serebii's Black/White Pokedex - information on every Pokemon from numbers 1-649
Serebii's X/Y Pokedex - information on every Pokemon

In-depth Breeding Info:
Serebii's Breeding Guide - from who can breed with whom to chain-breeding, it's all there
Bulbapedia's Breeding Article - contains helpful charts and interesting trivia about breeding



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* cuts an imaginary fancy ribbon *
And now it is open! :D

* pushes up the thread *
So... maybe I should kick things off by putting up information about my Pokemon? o3o Yeah... I'll go with that.

So my favorite type of Pokemon is the Ghost type. I'm looking forward to using two new species (with typings that no other Pokemon share) when Black and White comes out. I'm not too sure about who my favorite Pokemon is, although I admit that there are certain ones that I absolutely love. My favorite version that I've played is Emerald, and my favorite villain team is Team Rocket.

* pushes up the thread * We now have a banner. :3
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