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Welcome to my hangout!

I'm terrible at making friends, lol, so maybe this hangout will get things going.
Come hang and chat with me!

Also, I know the setup sucks. I haven't done much with post styles and fancy words and stuff yet

Now come talk to your favourite viking!

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I am sorry about that. I hope you get to.feeling better soon.

I amnactually babysitting right now, but my nephew is asleep and my cousin I keep doesn't come until after noon, so I am pretty relaxed at the moment. So, pretty good day so far.
Well, that's good :3

I still can't decide whether or not I should just go to sleep. If I move to the bed, I'll fall asleep, ruining any chance I have of sleeping at a decent time tonight, but if I stay on the couch, my back will suffer. Ah, the decisions of a lazy person

I guess that I can chat with a you a bit, even though everyone seems to be creating hangouts lately. >.<
So what should we even talk about, well besides you not wanting to move off of the couch? xD

Haha, I know what that's like, usually though, I'm at the kitchen table even in the early hours of the morning, because it really does have the best lighting in the house, so I will go there to draw. XD The kitchen is the only room in the house, where I can sit at one end of the room and have both a back light and direct light on the PC, so it doesn't bother my eyes as much. ...Just need to remember to try and resist the snacks calling my name from the fridge. LOL

*tackleglomps Rorie* Hey love, what's up? I got internet now and STILL haven't been able to catch you. XD How ironic right? Actually, it's like 3AM here, but I wasn't able to really get online earlier tonight because we had a storm blow through. It was loud and noisy, but thankfully this time it didn't do a whole lot of damage, at least there were no sirens. XD
Hey Nova! :D Thanks for the PM! ^_^ I didn't look to see when you sent it....x.x Sorry if I'm late getting here. I don't check Roli too often x.x I need to change that
We can talk about anything, I was hoping to just get a conversation flowing :3

@ Blueberrie_bliss
I wound up falling asleep, then I got up for a few hours when my bf got home, and then I fell right back into sleep :xp:
I know about the fridge problem, I feel the same way when I visit my mum's, the best spot for sitting is only a few meters away from their always full fridge x3

@Ruby :
Hey! :D I sent it yesterday, so you're not late at all ^__^
I keep forgetting to check on roli too, but I've been having a spike of activity lately

So... What's up guys? What are you doing today?
Personally, I don't have shit planned, other than going to the movies with my bf :3


Lol, well I can do many things, but I can't exactly pull entire conversations out of thin air. :lol:
Like a river, a conversation needs a starting point, so with this being your hangout I leave it to you to start us out. :nod:
If you wanted any suggestions, maybe you could tell me a little about yourself, since your profile seems to be lacking in that information at the moment? ^^

Oh, okay ^__^

Well, I'm 23, I live in Denmark with my boyfriend, and I am currently unemployed.
I spend my days watching tv shows and playing games, and I also read alot, but not as much as I used to. I love writing and art, and I keep starting and abandoning projects in both genres...

I just came back from my bf and my first official cinema-date, although we've been together for over 9 months. We just haven't been able to afford going to the movies until now :3
We saw 'After Earth' With will and Hayden (or was it Jayden?) Smith, and it was goooood :D


Oh wow nice, i'm finally glad to learn something about you. \:D/
Hehe I like drawing too, but like yourself I find myself getting distracted, or losing interest in it for a time. >.<
So are you any good at writing and drawing?

Okay well I understand that, I usually only go out to see a movie maybe once a year because they're expensive and most of the movies aren't worth seeing. :/ That sounds great, and it's "Jayden", but I won't tell him that you got his name wrong. ;)

I honestly don't know if I'm any good at it. I'm not one of the best, especially not when it comes to drawing. I seem to be lacking that tiny skill, that third eye that makes some people able to just know how to draw anything in an amazing or perfect way.

But I think, to be honest, that I'm better than average when it comes to both. Not that I'm better than everybody, but that my skill level is above the one called 'average' if it makes sense :x3 I keep getting compliments on my drawings, and I also got good grades on my writing, but I keep feeling like I need that little spark some people have that make them AWESOME at what they do. lulz

I used to be the moderator of a cool writing-forum with a great community, which used to have contests, I think I've won 50$ in total for poems I've written :xp:
I have taken a hiatus from writing since the forum closed down, because I need a community or a sparring-partner, someone to bounce ideas and exchange feedback with, y'know. I miss it, I was working on a ton of stories I still get 'great' ideas for, but I can't do it without a community.

... My family has it's own newspaper, by the way (yes, we're THAT kind of people x3 ), and I've begun submitting articles for it. It seems to be responging well with the grown-ups in the family so far *shrugs*


How about you? Do you have a deviantart I can see or something? ^__^ Do you write much, or when you did, what did you write?

Oh I know what you mean, though if you're better than average, that means that you have the talent. ;)
No one is ever satisfied with their own works when they compare themselves to others, but i'm sure you're great. ^^

That's so awesome, congrats on winning some money for your talents, but i'm sorry that the forum closed, a lot of forums seem to be closing these days. :/ And you come from a family with money, that's pretty awesome too. xD

Honestly I don't really like talking about myself, i'm just so boring, but if you insist i'll try.
I do have a Deviantart account, but I don't have any drawings or anything on it, maybe someday. :nod:
Also I don't write anything, though I do read. :3

Um I live in the U.S. and i'm 28 years old. I'm single, and do odd jobs, mostly lawn type jobs like mowing grass and other landscaping type things. Most of my free time I usually spend at the library on one of their computers, and that's about it for me. :sweat:

Oh, nonono, I don't come form a family with money, not at all. We had very little growing up.
What I mean was that we're the kind of family who keep each other updated through a newspaper, and we go on camps together and have our own family song. Y'know, the tight-knit kind of family people like to make fun about x3

Aww, I didn't know forums were closing all over the place, though my all the forums my bf like seem to be closing as well, now that I think about it.
Where are people discussing things if not on forums?
I hope Roli doesn't close anytime soon, I like it here :3
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