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Hi, everyone!
Since Roli has been a little quiet lately, I figured I'd start a nice, casual hangout for people to chat. Whether you just want to chat for a minute or have a long conversation with another user, feel free to use this thread!

So if you find yourself online with few other people, go ahead and post here! Let's help keep Roli active. :D

Re: No posting yet, please!


Go ahead and jump into a conversation! But sometimes it's hard to just start chatting, so If you're not sure what to talk about, you can always:
- tell us what movies/tv shows/books/video games/etc you've been enjoying lately
- talk about the best part of your day
- describe what your current weather is like
- tell us what's your favorite restaurant?
- talk about your favorite real-life hangout spots
- anything, really!

Re: No posting yet, please!


As an incentive to talk here a lot, I'm going to offer a small page prize!

For every 25 pages this thread gains, I will give 500 gold to the first person who posts on each 25th page. Good luck!

Re: "Anyone Online?" : A Hangout


My weather is dreary and rainy.
Earlier we were on a Thunderstorm Warning. But it's calmed down.

It rained enough for me to make a paper boat (first time making one :3) and let it down in the ditch that was rushing with water.

Re: "Anyone Online?" : A Hangout

Yo! Not really huge on bumping my way into a conversation, though I suppose it helps that I'm friends with the oh-so-wonderful Melodie.
Currently enjoying the black box of death that is my Avatar.
Mildly jealous of those without it.

Re: "Anyone Online?" : A Hangout

Hey guys! Welcome! :D

woah! Storm warnings can be scary.
How big was that paper boat? I've never done anything like that. :O

awww yeah now it's a party!
Nice, the Black Plague. ;P I'm sure they'll have it fixed up pretty soon.

Re: "Anyone Online?" : A Hangout

I've never been in a thunderstom that needed a warning. They've just showed up and left of their own accord. Your storms must be HUGE!
As for the boats, never done that either. I think I've tossed a few leaves into water and pretended that they were boats, but nothing as cool as that.

I'll break out the streamers and pop-pully-things that shoot out tiny streamers and spark.. That's the technical name for them, too.
And I hope so! Though it's been a loooong time sense I've been back. Perhaps it's a punishment for leaving?
... Nah.

Re: "Anyone Online?" : A Hangout

Roukan, Like my non-black box? :twisted:
No, no, joking.

I really really want to change my avi.

The storm actually wasn't big. Might last a little while, though.

It was a decent size one. Not too big. Just with a normal paper size.
Except i done it with some sturdy watercolor paper so it would last better. It was also harder to make with such tough paper, though.

Re: "Anyone Online?" : A Hangout

Party poppers? Those can be fun! Also a little bit of a mess sometimes. XD
I know, you've been gone for so long! Any more questions about the site? Quite a few things are different now.

Oh, interesting! Where do you think your boat will end up?
Omg I've been really wanting to change my avatar too. But I guess we'll just have to be patient. :P

Re: "Anyone Online?" : A Hangout

Yesss. Just like you two. Uber jealous over here.
At least you can see your avatar. Mine forgot to pay her electric bill.

Party poppers! That's the thing. I have one in a revolver type thing. Pops out many times.
And I'm not sure... I miss the games a bunch, and is there items to buy with plats anymore? Last time I was at the temple it was empty.
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