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noun, plural botanies.

  1. the science of plants; the branch of biology that deals with plant life.

  2. the plant life of a region:
    the botany of Alaska.

  3. the biology of a plant or plant group:
    the botany of deciduous trees.

Do you have a garden? A patch? Some plant tubs? Flower boxes? A single houseplant? Just a little bit of dirt to call your own?
Well, step right up and let's talk about it: What are you growing? Where? What have you done so far to make it happen? How is it going? How long have you been doing it? Annoying necessity for a comfortable home or full-grown hobby?


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noun, plural seeds (especially collectively) seed.

  1. the fertilized, matured ovule of a flowering plant, containing an embryo or rudimentary plant.

  2. any propagative part of a plant, including tubers, bulbs, etc., especially as preserved for growing a new crop.

  3. such parts collectively.

Not sure where to go from here?
Try some conversation starters, conversation "seeds" you might say (eehhh? eeehhhh?).
  • What kind of plants do you have?
  • How are they doing?
  • Do you have plants whose main purpose is prettying up the room or also herbs or medicinal plants?
  • Favourite flowers? Herbs? Trees?
  • Weather?
  • Food? Nice recipes?
  • Music? Good videos or playlists to share?
  • Discuss my updates?#ghulesgarden


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[root, roo t]
noun, plural roots.

  1. a part of the body of a plant that develops, typically, from the radicle and grows downward into the soil, anchoring the plant and absorbing nutriment and moisture.

  2. a similar organ developed from some other part of a plant, as one of those by which ivy clings to its support.

  3. any underground part of a plant, as a rhizome.

The proper foundation, root, of a hangout for many people to enjoy or any conversational topic is, in my opinion, to be friendly and respectful to others. And to hopefully not need too many other rules.
Remember: It's botany, not buttany.


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[blos-uh m]
noun, plural blossoms.

  1. the flower of a plant, especially of one producing an edible fruit.

  2. the state of flowering:
    The apple tree is in blossom.

When this hangout thrives, there can sometimes be a spot for page prizes or contests, if this hangout is given the necessary care and nurturing by it's lazy ass disappearing owner.

[noun kon-test; verb kuh n-test]
  1. a race, conflict, or other competition between rivals, as for a prize.



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noun,plural weeds

  1. a valueless plant growing wild, especially one that grows on cultivated ground to the exclusion or injury of the desired crop.

  2. any undesirable or troublesome plant, especially one that grows profusely where it is not wanted:
    The vacant lot was covered with weeds.

Weed, haha. Might be plucked from the topic later to free the spot up for something more useful.

Re: [bot-n-ee]

This should do it for now. Further prettying up has to come at a later point.

Soooo why'd I make this? Well it certainly wasn't because I was really proud of that botany/buttany pun and had no one to share it with unprovoked (hint: it was).
It was also to talk about plants and growing and nurturing them and to give me a constant reminder to actually do that regularly while maybe also getting or giving advice!

That aside, the past year has brought a lot more plants into my life!
A year ago I was inhabiting two spaces:
1. my apartment, featuring one cactus-plant, the ghost of an orchid and the haunted souls of IKEA herb seeds that died before reaching adulthood.
2. my boyfriends room in a shared apartment, featuring a dried up plant and a palmtree killing corner that had been the demise of more than one plant.

Now, having moved in with the bf, we had a lot more options:
Beside two balconies (one North, one South), there's a plot of land, maybe around 6-8m² to be used for growing things.
We'd left the plot untouched last year, since we moved too late to really get into it, but we did use the North-balcony that attaches to the kitchen to put up three planters with herbs for cooking.
A bunch of them even survived the winter despite us doing absolutely nothing to aid them in doing to!
Our basil did meet it's one-year lifespan demise and we were a bit taken by surprise by it's suicide by blooming, but thyme and rosemary and such are doing well!

Our living room also is home to a bunch of plants now. Some I had as desk plants at the office, but took home when they grew too big, some I grew from bits of other office plants and two big ones that we got from an ex-coworker who recently moved to London and couldn't take her plants with her.
One of those is also a palm tree that I've since been watching with great worry, knowing our history.

Our bathroom also features some little cacti and succulents as well as a decorative pineapple plant which is the joy of both our and our guests bathroom experience. :pineapple:

This year, I also have plans to use our plot in the backyard, which does have some leftovers from the previous tenants, some of which we keep (a lavender bush, raspberries), others (flowers, mostly) we cruelly got rid of.
So far I've mostly been trying to get rid of the weeds, which is frustrating on the whole, but can be satisfying after a bad day at work, too.

Sooooo how about you all?

Re: [bot-n-ee]

Well I know NOTHING of plants. Like totally absolutely zero knowledge. Might also be the reason why my plants keep dying haha.

Now if anyone could give me advice on what the perfect settings would be to keeping an orchid plant, please let me know. Cause we have a potted orchid, and I'd like to actually keep it alive. But I don't know what would be the better place? Does it need room temperature, how frequent does it need to be watered and what about sunlight? I mean, I could look it all up, but I get a lot of different results. I'd prefer to hear some experiences :P

Also...I want to plant some plants outside. Any advice for me there? They're those plant balls? Not seeds or grown plants. So not sure when is the right time to plant them. Cause the info on the package is very limited x_X Almost like they want me to screw up so it fails and I can go out and buy more plant balls >..> Very savvy business :P

Re: [bot-n-ee]

I actually talked about orchids with a co-worker just this week!
I used to have one that I eventually declared dead because it wasn't working on blooming, but apparently that doesn't immediately mean it's done for. Whoops.
What my coworker said was this:
Room-temperature is fine. They need light, but not direkt sunlight.
And the way she watered it was that she flooded the planter/cachepot completely with water, let the orchid soak for a few minutes, then poured out the remaining water.
If there's no removable pot around it.... I'm not sure? Don't overdo watering but don't forget it? :joy:
My mother always says one has to ensure the plants "don't get wet feet", aka there's no water gathering, rotting the roots.

My mother also waters her plants by schedule of a moon calendar. To me that really just seems like a schedule of every 9ish days, so I try to just remember and water all our indoor plants once a week :D

Haha, I feel you. Here the seed packages do typically feature the time you should sow the seeds or put in those seed balls... but in doubt, I'd probably google there, too.
(to be fair though, aside from the herbs, I haven't had much experience or luck with outside plants yet :') )

Re: [bot-n-ee]

LOL at the coincidence haha

Ah maybe that's why it died when we placed it too close to the heating and also when we put it in our coldest room >..> Cause it needs room temperature. I'm guessing it's in the right place now. Maybe put it at the window occasionally so it gets a little bit more sunlight (which isn't direct). And I'm guessing we're already watering it enough then. Just a little bit more sunlight.

The problem with these packages is that it's a collection of different types of ball flowers and all of them seem to have different instructions. How the heck am I supposed to recognize which is which haha XD

Re: [bot-n-ee]

(imgwrap test xd)

Are you certain it's entirely dead, too? As long as it's not rotten or dried, there's always still a chance, I'd hope?
My colleague said so long as the leaves are nice and fleshy and don't bend easy, the plant is fine. If the leaves are thin and bendable, something's off. Sometimes a new pot might just be in order, too, but honestly I have no clue WHEN a new pot is required...

Haha, I get you xD
Just take your chance and plant them somewhere in the middle of all the possible timeframes?

Re: [bot-n-ee]

No it's not dead. Or atleast it does not appear that way. I'm seeing leaves growing from it or atleast they were growing. Just no flower. So don't know if it needs sunlight to make the flowers pop or not?

Maybe I should do that. Maybe the next time it gets sunny, I'll start the planting.

Re: [bot-n-ee]

I think they only bloom like once or twice per year, not constantly.
That was mostly what had me all worried, that it lost it's blossoms and was just... green leaves and bits. :joy:

Worst case, you can still succumb to their sneaky business model by having to buy more... :joy: Or look for less mixed ones, to be sure?

Re: [bot-n-ee]

Oh... Darn it =/ I wished it would bloom more often. Maybe I should go for a different plant because such a sad looking flower >..> doesn't brighten up the place much =/ Got a couple of pots ready that I could use to maybe plant some stuff in :P


Yeah I might do that next time. I'll see how it goes this time and if it doesn't work I'll get more of the same species of flower.

Re: [bot-n-ee]

(muaha ProKeys test!)

I've got mostly green flowers in our apartment. I tend to buy plants with small blossoms for the office, but once the blossoms are off, they somehow tend to just become big and green, too...

The one that does have a bit of colour is my bromeliad?
I think they need like medium-sunlight and you water them by pouring water into their... neck? IDK like their leaves grow up and high and you can water into the space there, and see if there's water left if you're not sure if you'v e already watered them.
It's growing alright so far, though it does seem to be growing more just green, too... not sure what I'm doing wrong there, haha.

I totally like the idea of just getting mystery flower from such seed packets, but then I'd be lost about what they are and how to treat them, so I do try to stick with things were instructions are at least kind of clear....ish.

Re: [bot-n-ee]

(Loving this ProKeys add on for Roli. Thanks so much for the suggestion/question!)

Plants are such weird things, right? I'm so jealous of all those plant ladies. People who just seem like plant witches or something! How do they know these things! What are their secrets? We should kidnap one and torture them into telling us their secrets >..> Wait...What? <...< | >..> :innocent:
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