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We've Got Game

A hangout about video games

Whether you're a committed or casual player, no matter which platform, this is a place to discuss and play games together. Maybe we could even set up some group games. I made us a discord server, if you're not familiar with discord it's a voice and text app used primarily for multiplayer gaming. The invite code is cEpvUxP (or you could use the invite link above).

discord server

Gamer Form
Steam: (either Steam id or personalised URL)
Other ids: (e.g. origin, blizzard)
Multiplayer games: (that you want to play with others) + platform(s)
Recommendation Form
Similar to:
Why you recommend it:


Steam: tothebatcave
Playstation: theycomeatnight
xBox: MaggieMeg
Battlenet: batmeg#1893
League of Legends: ChronosTyphoon
Nintendo: magicalmeg (WiiU)
Discord: batmeg#5947
Multiplayer: Overwatch, League of Legends, Heroes of the Storm (PC), GTAV (PC & PS4), Hearthstone (PC & Mobile)

Playstation: CarniW (probably)
Discord: Carnivalous#1169
Multiplayer: Champions Online, Black Desert Online, Final Fantasy XIV, Dungeons and Dragons, Mutants and Masterminds, etc. (PC)

Steam: cashmerella
Playstation: cashmerella
Battlenet: Cashmerella#1285
Twitch: cashmerella
League: Cashmerella
Discord: Candi#3060
Multiplayer: best options for me are steam (take a look at what i got) or nintendo 3DS (pokemon, super smash bros, etc)

Steam: Nalightful
Origin: Nalightful
Discord: Nalightful#0130

Steam: vogelstand
Discord: vogelstand#0182
Cross-platform multiplayer: Stellaris, Windward, Don't Starve Together (Maybe: Rocket League, Victor Vran, Torchlight II, Chaos Reborn)
Steam multiplayer: Armello, Civ5, Guns of Icarus (Maybe: Depth, Borderlands 1/2, Left 4 Dead 2)
Browser: Tetris Friends Arena

Steam: SareDoodle
Playstation: IvyDoodle
Discord: IvyDoodle#5940
Multiplayer: Minecraft, Fortnite, GTA (Playstation) Don't starve together(PC)

Steam: Dieseleta
discord: lapis_accords
Multiplayer: FFXIV, Grim Dawn, Path of Exile (PC)

Steam: Novachii
Playstation: Annaberru
Origin: Annaberru
Discord: Novachii#1025
Multiplayer: Brawlhalla, Ultimate Chicken Horse, Minecraft, Neverwinter Online (All on PC)

Steam: yvonbosch
Xbox: tracedawn (maybe)
Origin: notknowus
Multiplayer: Unreal Tournament (PC), Halo (Xbox)


Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux, PS4, Xbox One, Android, iOS
Genre: multiplayer, board game, turn based, strategy
Similar to: Chaos Reborn, Gremlins Inc
Why you recommend it: Adorable! The King of the country has become corrupted, and it's up to 4 heroes to overthrow him. All the characters are animals. ❤ There are 4 victory conditions, so it's sort of like a strategy lite game. It's quite heavy on RNG, but part of the game is finding strategies to prevent RNG from totally screwing you over. Matches are about 1 hour long, so it's not too big a time commitment. There are occasional problems with matches bugging out, though.

Re: We've Got Game

If you have a computer that can handle it there are also many free multiplayer games for PC, where you don't need a subscription.

Re: We've Got Game

Yay, what a fun idea, uniting the gamers of Roli! :grinning:

Steam: Novachii
Playstation: Annaberru
Other ids: Origin: Annaberru
Discord: Novachii (Or Novachii#1025 or something)
Multiplayer games: Brawlhalla, Ultimate Chicken Horse, Minecraft (all on PC. Brawlhalla is free on steam, and UCH can be found on steam as well)

I play Neverwinter Online a lot, it's an online MMO that's free to download and free-to-play, and I'd love to have more people to play with.

When it comes to single-player games, I mostly play The Sims, but I've recently gotten into playing Black & White again, and I'm loving it.

Definitely joining the discord! :smiley:

Re: We've Got Game

I used to play Sims 2 and 3 a lot before, and only deleted them 'cause all the expansions were taking so much space. I still have the base game for Sims 4, but I don't play it so much. I miss my farms and horses and wine cellars too much. (>>.) I love the inclusion of multitasking, though.

Re: We've Got Game

My laptops slowing dying D: It can’t handle much. So I mostly just have the playstation.
The only thing I play with my laptop is Sims 3 and I used to play league of Angels (angels not legends) but that absorbed so much of my life I had to quit xD I do not recommend it!

I also only recently acquired my PS4 so I am very open to game recommendations!

Re: We've Got Game

What type of games do you enjoy? I don't have a Playstation myself, but many games are available on both Playstation and PC. I play a lot of indie games, though, rather than triple A titles, because my graphics card isn't very good.

Re: We've Got Game

I pretty much play anything from rpg’s to first person shooters. The only thing I avoid is sports :laughing:

Currently for the PS4 I own Minecraft, Battle field 1, Digimon world next order and little nightmares (which I got just this month, sadly not multiplayer)
I need to treat myself to one new game after payday next week :D

Re: We've Got Game

ivydoodle wrote:
Tue May 16, 2017 5:14 am
I pretty much play anything from rpg’s to first person shooters. The only thing I avoid is sports :laughing:

Currently for the PS4 I own Minecraft, Battle field 1, Digimon world next order and little nightmares (which I got just this month, sadly not multiplayer)
I need to treat myself to one new game after payday next week :D
Have you tried Journey? It's available for ps4, and it's the most beautiful game I have ever played. It's single-player, in the sense that you go through it on your own, but kinda multiplayer, because you get paired up with one random player at a time.
I cry every time I play it, but in a good way :smile:

Re: We've Got Game

@Nova Holy mother of ksdjfghdkuh


My favourite gaming channel on youtube played it and I almost cried at its beauty! I’m sure when I looked it up though it was only for PS3!? Maaaaaaan, I am so getting it.

Re: We've Got Game

It's available for PS4 *had to google it*
Trust me, the experience is even more intense when you play it yourself :grinning:

Re: We've Got Game

Ahhhh thank you so much for making me aware!!! I can not wait for payday now! (Although annoyingly I get paid on the last day of my holiday leave… typical)
I need to finish Little Nightmares first anywho xD
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