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Some of you may remember (or not, it's been a while) that long in the past I used to have a hangout here on Roli called Nox Noctis of Veneficus Academy, the Nox Noctis of Veneficus meaning "Night of Magic" in Latin (I think, since I used Google translate for the name....ehe....). It sort of...petered out since, likely due to in some way to my own inactivity X'D.

Anyway, in an effort to get myself back on Roli more, I'm going to try bringing back Nox Noctis in a new incarnation, Noctem de Magia Academy: A school for magic themed hangout! I'm going to be bringing back the old NPCs I created for this hangout, as well as adding an RP aspect and a storyline for it within the Roliana world...And, ideally, some interaction for the NPCs and the "Students", which I had intended to do but sort of...didn't.

Anyway, without further ado...allow me to welcome you to Noctem de Magia Academy, Roliana's premiere academy for the magickal arts!

*~~*Noctem de Magia Academy*~~*
*~*School for Magical Arts*~*

Welcome to all young casters to Noctem de Magia Academy, Roliana's premiere school for the magical arts! Here, should you enroll, you shall learn the arts of illusion, potion-making, magical defense, history of the arcane, and much more. All you have to do is sign up for your classes once you arrive...




-Follow Roliana's TOS.
-Don't be an ass. Trolls will not be tolerated.
-Please try to keep the swearing to a minimum, if possible. Mostly because I don't know how many people are going to wander in here who're under high school age XP.
-Advertising your own threads in here is fine, just try not to spam everyone with posts with links to it. If you want me to put a link to your hangout/charity/quest threat/etc, feel free to ask here or in PMs.
-If you start a fight with someone, call a mod. I am not a mod. I've got no problems with small disagreements and stuff like that (we're all kinda not clones of each other, which would be creepy if we were), but please try not to blow it up into some sort of crazy dramafest.
-Venting is fine, but again--try not to blow it up into a big fat dramafest. Life can sometimes be a pain in the ass, I know. This little corner of Roli is, hopefully, going to be a nice escape ^^.
-You don't need to stay on-topic and/or in-character the entire time! This is is a hangout with a magical school theme, but that doesn't mean you can't talk about whatever you wish.
-Don't go into the dungeon of the west wing. Just...don't. There's signs posted for a reason. There's been corpses.
-Don't touch Lyceriata's private library. Or annoy him before he's had hsi coffee. Bad Things tend to happen.
-The walls on the third floor like to shift around every now and then...just try not to get turned around when they do.
-Don't. Hide. The. Maps. Seriously. Those are posted around the school for a reason. If they go missing, you will have detention.
-The tower on the east wing is off-limits. We don't know what's in there, but all we know is that everyone who's gone in has either not come back...or came back only physically. For the safety of students, the tower has been sealed off from the rest of the castle.
-Don't hack the school computer system. We just got it back online, after a couple senious managed to break it last semester.
-Just generally don't be rude ^^. Roliana's a nice place, so I'm pretty sure that's not so much of a problem as other places X'D.




As with all schools, Noctem de Magia has a staff of teachers and employees, who keep the school running smoothly...for the most part, at least. In any case, if anybody here is having trouble in one of their classes, with other students, or with your dorm, feel free to come to one of our faculty at any time.

"Professor" Solara Luna, Headmistress.
You already know me; the runner of the thread, and "official" headmaster of Noctem de Magia. Basically, I'm the head mod of the place, and don't expect a whole lot of in-character things here ^^;. At least, outside RP events, should there be any.


Professor Aldor, History of Magic


I am Professor Tychus Aldor, onetime cleric of the God of Fire, now professor of History of Magic at Noctem de Magia. I've been teaching here for going on thirty years now, and so far I've yet to be able to choose a favorite year of students--they seem to always manage to outdo each other, in more ways than one.
I realize that for most teenagers, history tends to be rather...dull. I can't tell you how many times I fell asleep in my classes when I was a teen...nor the things I would do in said classes. I usually try my best to make my lessons interactive, and avoid droning on like some of my old teachers. I look forward to meeting this incoming class, and seeing if they outdo last year's.

Professor Arctus, Astronomy
I'm Professor Arctus, teacher of Astronomy and Physics, as well as head of the school newspaper. I've been teaching here for nearly as long as Professor Silph, but I can assure you that I am wholly human *laughs*.
In classes I try to ensure that the hard science isn't hard at all to understand. As much as I have to keep to the curriculum, I take a page out of Professor Dara's book and let my students work on projects at their own pace.
The mark on my face? That's a...personal matter.

Professor Daegon, Shadow Studies

I am Professor Daegon. I teach Shadow Studies. I am skilled at my craft and do not tolerate time-wasters in my class, so if you are not serious about pursuing the shadow arts, I suggest you go elsewhere. I will not pander to those who only wish to impress their friends with how "cool" you are.
As for those of you who are serious about my is difficult. You will fail more than you succeed, and I will not allow anyone to attempt any rituals until I am there to supervise. If any of you children decide to violate this rule of my classroom, the consequences are yours to deal with.

Professor Dara, Potions and Alchemy
I am Professor Dara Thomson, though y'all can call me Dara. Or Professor Dara, if you're uncomfortable without the formality. I hate being called "Mrs. Thomson" or "Professor Thomson", it makes me feel old. Plus, it sounds stuffy.
Anyway. I teach Potions and Alchemy. I like to keep my classroom relaxed, and I don't care how much Daegon bitches about it. I'm a firm believer in letting students work at their own pace, on the projects they want to rather than what the curriculum says they have to--and it works. As long as my students follow school rules, put all the supplies back where they found them, and don't melt a hole through the floor (that has happened, several times), I don't see any reason to change it.
I will supervise exams and the advanced classes, however. I may keep my class relaxed, but I don't allow anything that'll get kids hurt.

Professor Deukhalion, Swordsmanship

I am Professor Deukhalion, head of swordsmanship. And despite what the upperclassment have told you of my reputation as a "hardass", I do enjoy teaching. And no, I don't eat students. That is a rumor spread by Mr. Cast, and I can assure you it is false.
Regardless, I run a tight ship. Not for the same reasons as Daegon, but because swords are not toys. There is a reason I don't allow students to practice with the actual weapons until senior year, and even then the blades are dulled. As much as I like my students and enjoy teaching classes, playing with the weapons gets you instant detention. I'd rather everyone pass without any casualties--I may be a demon, but I'm not heartless.

Professor Feuer, Beast-Taming
I'm Professor Feuer, and in answer to the inevitable questions as to my heritage, I'm an ifrit. For those wondering what an ifrit is, it's someone with a fire genasi ancestor. The longer explanation's more complicated I'm sure, but I'm a teacher. Not a geneticist.
As for what I teach, it's the care, handling, and training of magical creatures. Fire salamanders, elemental sprites, griffins and wyverns...I'm here to teach you how to ally with, train, and care for the creatures of the magical world.

Professor "Erika", Magical Defense

Ah, hello~o! I am Professor Erika (or Erik) Rosseau, Head of House Dragonscale and teacher of Magical Defense at our beautiful school. And while I do enjoy teaching, I also hope that my lessons will never, ever have to be used.
You see, in a perfect world, we wouldn't have to worry about defending ourselves using magic. But alas, this is not a perfect world, and there are those who would do harm. I am here to ensure that you are prepared with defensive spells and techniques, in the event you're in a situation they're necessary.

Professor Haldir, Archery and Flight
Welcome, students, to Noctem de Magia! I am Professor Tyrelian Haldir, head of the school anime club and instructor of archery and flight classes. I also handle referree duties for most of the sporting events at this school, and am coach of the archery team.
Unlike the rest of the faculty, I don't teach any advanced classes, so many of my duties lie outside of the classroom.

Professor Ignis, Mysticism and Psionics

Ahh, hello there. I am Professor Eilas Ignis, and I am here to teach those few of you talented in psionics in how to properly control, use, and master your gift. In my class, you will unlock the secrets of the mind, tame them, control them...and ultimately, control anything you wish. From lifting a pebble, to manipulating memories...or even entire psyches. It's one thing to utterly break someone's mind from within, but it's something else entirely to make it yours without so much as a whisper....

Professor Iris, Herbology

Professor Kekkai, Unarmed Combat

Professor Lapis, Healing

Professor Lyceriata, Necromancy and Demonology

Professor Raine, Music and Spellweaving

Professor Rilaz, Alteration

Professor Silph, Battlemage

Professor Tourmaline, Charms

Professor Valadia, Runes & Linguistics

Professor Westfield, Core Studies

Professor Xavier, Artifice

Professor Yorora, Divination

Professor Zaladiel, Mythology

Dr. Iceheart, School Doctor


Cast, School Librarian



*~*School Tour*~*


~*Common Areas*~

~*Other Areas*~

There are five dormitories at Noctem de Magia, each focused on different traits and strengths...and weaknesses. Your dorm, or House, can be thought of as your family at school, as they are the people whom you will spend the most time around. Of course, there's nothing against inter-dorm friendships, but you can expect to be spending much of your time around your dormmates.

-Crafty, pragmatic, calculating, charismatic-
Indigo and Gold

House Underwild is for those with ambition in their hearts, and craftiness in their nature. The defining characteristic--the signature, if you will--of those who are placed into Underwild is their will to succeed at all costs, something which has earned the house a bad reputation in the past.
The Underwild dormitory is located underneath the school lake, and as such doesn't have any windows to the outside--but there is a skylight in the ceiling, which allows the students an excellent view of the wildlife of the lake through it. The fireplace is set into the northwest corner of the common room, diagonally from the entrance, and the center of the stone floor is covered by a rug that depicts the House symbol, a raven outlined in gold and holding a sword in its claws, on a deep indigo field. The walls are hung with several embroidered tapestries as well, to make up for the, ah...lack of windows, many of which are done in the house colors of indigo and gold.
There are armchairs, beanbags, and tables scattered around the room, including a bookshelf along the western wall--floor-to-cieling, of course. In the center of the room is a coffee table, and at least one sofa for lounging nearest the hearth. Oh, and don't forget the TV--just, try not to get into any fistfights over what's being watched on it ^^;.
Coming off the northeastern corner is a hall, which leads to Underwild's three dorms: Boys, Girls, and Neutral. Up and to the right are the boys' dormitories, up and to the left are the girls, and up and just ahead are the neutral. As for who goes in which dorm, it's fairly straightforward; boys go to the boys' side, girls to the girls' side. The neutral dorm, however, is a rather new addition to Noctem de Magia, and is set up for those students who identify as nonbinary.

-Empathetic, shy, quiet, creative-
Lavender and Navy

The defining characteristics of those who are sorted into Feyspark are their empathy and shyness. Those in Feyspark may not always be the most talkative in class, but they're also normally some of the most understanding of others, most especially their friends.
House Feyspark is located next to the school's arboretum, on the first floor. The common room is hexagonal, two of the six walls being made up of windows for a view of the grounds and maximum sunlight. The floor has several rugs along it, with a mural of the house's symbol--an antlered rabbit--done in the house colors of lavender and navy blue. The wall adjacent to the entrance has the fireplace, with the TV hung above. On the opposite wall, there's a floor-to-ceiling bookshelf stacked with general-use books, video games, movies, and music people can play.
Like Underwild, Feyspark has three dorms: Boys, Girls, and Neutral. Boys are located down and to the right, girls down and to the left, and neutral directly downstairs. Like before, the names are self-explanatory; girls go to the girls' dormitories, boys to the boys', and neutral is for those who don't identify as the typical binary genders.
-Hotheaded, risk-takers, confident, reckless-
Crimson and Silver
The tendencies towards confidence bordering (and often bleeding into) recklessness has earned House Dragonscale a reputation as being the most hot-headed and rash. While this reputation may not be...entirely undeserved, it's not 100% accurate either. Yes, risk-taking and not looking before one leaps are common attributes of those sorted into Dragonscale, but so are confidence, bravery, and being stalwart in the face of danger. These, more than the recklessness, are at the heart of what House Dragonscale represents.
Dragonscale is located in the second-tallest tower in the castle (the tallest being the astronomy tower), earning the dorm the nickname of The Eyrie, as it's the House located at the highest elevation of all five. Upon entering you're meeted with a merrily crackling fire on one end of the room, a TV and gaming setup on the other side of the room, and a mural of the symbol of the house, a crimson dragon holding a silver scepter, done in silver and crimson stone on the floor. The walls are decorated with alternating bookshelves and tapestries done in the House colors of crimson and silver. Cushy, comfy chairs are scattered around the room, with a central coffee table in front of the hearth and several smaller tables with various games (most of which in progress) set up on top.
As with the other dorms, Dragonscale has three sets of sleeping quarters, all divided by year. Up and to the right are the girls' dormitory, up and to the left are the boys', and straight ahead and up a spiral staircase are the neutral dorms. The neutral dorm of Dragonscale, like that of Underwild and Feyspark, is a new addition, meant for those students who identify as nonbinary or other.[/color]

-Intelligent, logical, cautious, overthinking-
Ivory and Copper


The House of logical thinkers, quick wit, and wisdom is that of Owlwood. Fittingly, its symbol is that of an owl reading a spellbook. If you are sorted into Owlwood, you are likely--on some level--someone who prefers to think before speaking and acting, and to be prepared for any possible situation. Sometimes this tendency to run through possible scenarios in one's head before acting on them leads to overthinking, and we all know how that can end up.
But at their core, the students of Owlwood are studious and smart, bright and intelligent. More often than not, they're among the highest-grading students in the school--though rarely are they the only ones with good grades.
Like Feyspark, Owlwood tends to have a lot of quiet students. But while Feyspark may be on the quiet side from shyness, Owlwood may not participate in the conversation simply because they don't feel as if they have anything to add, rather than not paying attention.
Owlwood is located nearest the Great Hall, which is why Owlwood's section is usually the firs to fill up at breakfast as the students have the shortest walk. It also has the most sprawl, despite having roughly the same population as the rest of the dorms. Its circular common room is located mostly underground, with a line of windows high up on the walls all around the perimeter. The hearth is located directly opposite the entrance, with a banner above sporting the dorm's symbol in copper on an ivory tapestry. Bookshelves and blue-flamed sconces line the walls, complete with a TV that's hooked up to cable, a DVD/VCR player, and a couple different gaming consoles.
As with the others, there are three dorms; down and to the left are the boys, down and to the right are the girls, and down and straight ahead are the nonbinary dorm.

-Loyal, determined, stubborn, kind-
Emerald and Cream

Underwild is ambitious and crafty; Feyspark is imaginative and shy; Dragonscale is brave and hotheaded; and Owlwood is intelligent and logical. What is Briarbloom, then? Kindness, loyalty, determination...these are the things characteristic of Briarblooms. The smallest of the dorms, both in size and population, is often considered by the others as the least important; in fact, a lot of students make jokes at Briarbloom's expense. But kindness and loyalty, determination and stubbornnes, are no less important than ambition, intelligence, bravery, or creativity. The students of Briarbloom consider everyone in the school a friend, no matter their dorm, and they'll go out of their way if another is having a bad day. Doubly so for friends. This manifests most often as a shoulder to cry on, or a friend coming around with video games and ice cream. But more often than not, that loyalty to dorm, friends, and fellow students has manifested as a formidable strength when fighting is needed.
Those of Briarbloom are sociable and kind and loyal, and hard to anger. But once that anger is stirred up, you'll be facing a rage potentially even stronger than that you'll find in Dragonscale.
Briarbloom is located in the West tower, unlike the rest of the dorms, doesn't have a crackling hearth; instead they have a firepit set into the center of the dorm floor, contained with a magical forcefield. Cushions and chairs and a couch encircle it and the rest of the common room, a DVD and game spinner in one corner of the room and a TV hanging on the north wall. The east wall is taken up by floor-to-cieling bookshelves, laden with general-use books and board games--and, of course, the Dorm Dice Pail. There's been a running D&D campaign for several years now, constantly being inherited and "restarted" by students graduating and entering school. Upon the cieling is an intricate stained-glass skylight, done in the dorm colors of emerald green and gold and depicting the dorm symbol of a blooming thorny rose wrapping around a mage's staff and sword.
On the wall opposite the bookshelves is a door leading to three spiral staircases; one goes up and to the left, the boys' dorm. Up and to the right are the girl's. And up and straight ahead are the neutral dorms for nonbinary students. All of which are further divided up by year.




If you've decided to fill out a student card for fun, this is where it'll be listed. By Dormitory, of course ^^.

For those of you who decide to fill out a student card, here it is:
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[b]Day or Night Class:[/b]

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Username: Cherry
Day or Night Class: I'm a night owl!
Dormitory: Feyspark
Classes: She likes fun or practical spells! So... anything with those? Hehe. If there's a magical creatures or flying class, she'd love that as well!
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ooh this place seems very interesting o:
how does one know they have magickal tendencies? or can it be learned?
(aka i wanna join but im don't know magic)

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