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Hogwarts: A Hangout


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Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

The site may be closing in a few months but that doesn't mean we can't still party while it's here!
It does however mean that I'm not going to go hogwild with this thread. I'll keep it simple!

We have a Discord Server if you'd like to come hangout!
Join us!

If you already know your House, let us know!
If you don't: take this quiz to find out!

Come join the fun and let's send Roli out with a BANG!

Re: Hogwarts: A Hangout

@SolarMoon Yes! We'll be here until the end now!
Maybe get some new folk to the discord, discuss other places to go for avi fun after Roli closes.
Prank Filch, all the fun stuff.

Re: Hogwarts: A Hangout


I was gonna make a Slytherin Avi but you get this gorgon lady instead.

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