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Re: Hogwarts: A Hangout

Also I felt bad being on the pc while husband slept so I bounced. Will try again tomorrow.

Re: Hogwarts: A Hangout

Anarchist Beauty wrote:
Tue Feb 19, 2019 6:05 pm
@SolarMoon Yes! We'll be here until the end now!
Maybe get some new folk to the discord, discuss other places to go for avi fun after Roli closes.
Prank Filch, all the fun stuff.
Pranking Filch is the best fun :laughing:
I'm one of the resident Slytherins, and no need to point me to the Discord. I'm already in there X'D

Re: Hogwarts: A Hangout

Not right now I don't.
And if need arises I'll either hunt another one down on the market or use the platinum someone gave me to buy a new one. lol

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