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Nostalgia Hangout!

Making my own little hangout in the hopes that someone will come along and chat while this place is still open.
I have so many fond memories of being in high school and coming on here for an escape. Since I was last on, I received an Associate's degree and my Bachelor's!
Anyway, I do hope someone replies to this, even if it's just to say hi.

Re: Nostalgia Hangout!

I'm excited for the dress-up game too! I was so happy to read that, as I didn't get to play around with the items nearly as much as I wanted to.
What's your favorite item, if you have one?

Re: Nostalgia Hangout!

My fav is definitely the background rainbow that I use for.... 90% of my avis (this one included :wink: )
Other honorable mentions are the imp base, all the dragon evos, all the agyptian eyeshadows.... so again the items I use in a large majority of my avis (and again, including my current one :sweat_smile: )

So I joined this place in June 09 (so this year makes 10 yrs for me :cry: )And while I didn't save most of my avis from way back then, I started saving them after the site revamp. And I have since made.... over 400 avis. Not including holiday ones. I have them saved to my computer. That's how much I like avi making :sunglasses:

.....That was much longer than I intended :goat: What about you, what's your fav items?

Re: Nostalgia Hangout!

Awesome! It's cool that you use some of the same items in most avis. I especially like those eyes!

I joined the end of 2008, but I've been here on and off (and changed my username after a year or two). I was super active around 2010, I think.
I don't really remember too many items, to be honest. I'll have to poke around and see what I like!

Also, no need to apologize for the long reply, I thought it was great. :)

EDIT: I can't seem to change my avi, but maybe I can play around in the DAC, at least.

Re: Nostalgia Hangout!

Hmm that's odd, haven't had any issues changing mine.

What other usernames have you had? I did recognize your current one, not sure we ever talked much though? My memory is admittedly not the best...

I was SugarCandy back when I first joined. So much has changed for me since 09 it's scary :open_mouth:

Re: Nostalgia Hangout!

Well, maybe it was my browser or something but I couldn't really unequip any items without it like...erasing my whole base? And then I didn't know how to get my base back? I don't even know if that makes any sense...
EDIT: the problem was I was using a base from an item, haha. Oops.

My previous one had been dramaXqueen662 or something like that (yay for joining when I was in middle school and thought that was cool 😬).

Hmm, I'm not sure I remember a SugarCandy...I also don't have a great memory though.

Re: Nostalgia Hangout!


I'm still logging in from time to time while Roli's still alive. I gotta say I've been very bad about actually posting. xD But I don't want to just leave the site and never look back. I want to keep on visiting until it's the very end. So here I am.

I joined back in late August of 2007, and I've been active on and off since then. I changed my username to LuxOrbis around like 2010 or 2011 (I could probably look it up), but I ended up changing it back to my original username.

Re: Nostalgia Hangout!

I know it's probably silly, but I'm trying to keep posting up until the very end. I'm just not ready to let go. 😭

I love your avi!! Unfortunately, I don't really recognize any of the items since I've been gone so long, but it all looks so good together. What background is that?

I think the username LuxOrbis sounds kind of familiar, maybe I saw you around since I was super active in 2010ish. Puu-Chan sounds kind of familiar too.

Re: Nostalgia Hangout!

It's been so long since I've come to this website, but I brought it up to a friend just now and decided to pop in just to see whats been happening here. I don't know if anyone remembers me at this point, but I remember all of you guys and how much the site helped me in my low times and gave me things to do during some difficult times. I was a mod for a very small amount of time until real life issues forced me away. I don't even know when I joined but I know it all made an impact on me.

I'll always miss this place and it'll always hold a special place in my heart. :yellow_heart:

Re: Nostalgia Hangout!

Aww. I don't think I remember you, but I can relate to how much this site helped me when I was in high school and struggling to make friends/feel like I belonged. I'm going to miss this place so much!

I don't know if you read the announcement, but they're hoping to at least make a dress-up site with all of the Roll items at some point in the future, so we won't lose all the wonderful items.

Re: Nostalgia Hangout!


@no scorch marks: I don't think it's that silly. I feel pretty much the same way, though I've been bad about being active lol.

Thank you! I wanted to do something with as many star themed items as possible.
Some of the items released around 2015/2016 I have a hard time recognizing since I wasn't active around then.
The background item I'm using is from the Queen of Dreams MI, but I also have other items layered over it.

It's possible we chatted with each other back then. I'm sometimes forgetful about details, so I'm not sure either way.

@Dola: I remember your username! You being a mod definitely rings a bell, too. I used to be one back in 2008-mid 2009, I think. I also didn't stay one due to real life issues.

Re: Nostalgia Hangout!

I guess it's hard to keep posting when there's no one else really here, but I'm going to try. I keep trying to think of new topics but I'm kind of struggling, to be honest.

Ooh, okay, I have the Queen of Dreams item! I don't remember acquiring but somehow I have it, haha. It's so pretty. 😍

Yeah, I'm forgetful too, so it's entirely possible we did chat and I just don't remember.

Re: Nostalgia Hangout!

I'm still here to help boost chatting! :goat:
Sorry, been busy with work and house cleaning. Been rearranging my closet and I have.... a lot of stuff :shopping_bags: I really, REALLY like shopping....

But now the closet is done til I get my new dresser and that'll be awhile so yeah. I return to make MORE FASHIONABLE AVIS :gem:

Re: Nostalgia Hangout!


I've been working so much lately I haven't had much time to log on. Dx But what else is new lol.

Queen of Dreams is definitely one of my favorite MIs. <3

I've been thinking of changing my avatar, but I don't have any inspiration right now.

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