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This is hangout dedicated to all and any kind of crafts and artistic hobbies. Feel free to post your own projects or discuss others as well but please make sure to give credit to other peoples work.

July 12, Update Welcome back Roli! In honor of roliana coming back up I am thinking of running a contest to redo our hangout banner! Let me know what you guys think of this and I can set up some prizes and submissions.
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PS. I think we could use some people who are willing to be some officers maybe? I know so many of you contribute to this hangout even more than I do. Thanks for your support!


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Crafting Resources

Inspiration (large site good for inspiration) (invite only, crafting community with lots of great pictures!) (unique modern projects shown here and has a DIY section)

Knitting (video tutorials) (large collection of free patterns and articles) (knitting and crochet community. highly recommended) (beautiful free patterns crochet as well)

Origami (simple tutorials) (database of diagrams) (tuts) ... Lucky-Star (lucky star origami)

quilling ... tions.html (intro. tutorial)

cross stitch ... 30607.html (free pattern maker)

Embroidery (dictionary of stitches) ... hes/page/3 (silk ribbon stitches)

Calligraphy (blog with has a lot of japanese/chinese caligraphy),4 (celtic knotwork tut.)

Clay ... m_bracelet

Steampunk ... orial.html ... welry.html

Crochet (I can't believe I left this out) (amigurumis) ... ?type_id=S (list of crochet stitches, some tatting and looms as well) (crochet textures) (knit and crochet)

Paper crafts has a shop that's really awesome, but it's got free poems, title ideas and a colour theme generator so you can input a picture for example and it will show you what colours compliment it the most... has downloadable papers and toppers

Sewing (clothing patterns) (Tutorials) ... rtBy=price (Random Patterns) (home sewing tutorials/patterns) (Video channel for learning to sew clothes) ... rid&sort=p (Video channel for household sewing/quilting) (how to sew using store bought patterns. )

Will be adding more later..feel free to suggest resources as well. :)
Thanks to everyone who has contributed to the links!

-Figment Princess (for reminding to add in some sewing links!)


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I am looking for good resources regarding sewing. I may also start considering crafting books and other non online resources.
So Please contribute!

Also if you have ideas for contests please let me know. I may in the future consider hosting some and giving out prizes.

I do origami, plastic canvases, a little of calligraphy, latch hooks. I also draw and sometimes make my own cards. Like birthday or christmas cards

Yamapi-Ttun wrote:I do origami, plastic canvases, a little of calligraphy, latch hooks. I also draw and sometimes make my own cards. Like birthday or christmas cards
Plastic canvases. That's something I know very little about. What is it exactly? Thanks for stopping by.

Have you seen like the plastic canvas in stores? well i just cut out whatever pattern that im wanting to make and sew them together with yarn. I have made friendship boxes for some of my friends and a mole for a chemistry project when i was in high school. Its really fun to me. No problem it was my pleasure

I'm knitting a hat for my beau.

It's a monster hat. I'm more than halfwat done with the hat, and then I need to knit teeth, and ear flaps.

And add eyes.

It's pretty cute.

@ Yamapi that sounds fun. I really have to try that sometime.

@ unique, yeah that sounds really cute. I don't think my beau would ever wear a knitted hat.

I plan on hopefully putting up some links to images of finished projects and patterns i've used or would like to in the near future. Please feel free to do the same.

it is but it takes about forever to finish. i cant knit so good luck with finishes it.

Alright so here it is. I have posted some of my finished projects. As well as links to patterns and guides.

Origami stars in a jar

they are really easy to make and you can use just about any paper as long as it is cut to the correct length.

lace crochet petite pinnaple doily

I modified it slightly from this pattern here.

knitted scarf
my first complete knitted project.

need to sign up to get their patterns but it's there and free.

This is my cross stitch project i've been working on over a year.
I don't have a pattern i can share for it though.

Yamapi-Ttun wrote:it is but it takes about forever to finish. i cant knit so good luck with finishes it.
That is a good thing to keep in mind then.

I like making paper stars, drawing, painting, cross stitching, and sewing. I'm terrible for starting things and never finishing them. I have a quilt that needs to be embroidered and then sewn together and it's been like that for oh say... two years?
I'm also working on making paper stars to fill these cute little plastic Chinese take out boxes I got at Dollarama. There's three in a pack for a dollar and they are just too precious. =)

Either way, I'd love to learn how to knit. My friend who is pretty much a grandmother in her mind (terrible memory, loves to knit, loves cats, rocking chairs and wearing her glasses on the end of her nose when knitting :lol: ) is supposed to teach me how, but as previously mentioned has the worst memory of all time :P.

That is awesome. Wow those are cheap origami paper stars.
Their really fun to do and easy.
These days i'm working on knitting socks and amigurumi. I don't know how to quilt though. Is it hard to learn? Do you use a sewing machine? I don't get a chance to sew much..these days only by hand because I don't have a machine.

I do art with mod-rock and oil paint, i made a huge 'the scream' coloured corset and i <3 painting its so messy!

wow kitty that is awesome. yeah painting is definately messy i miss having my paints around. they got stolen..XD for a 40k warhammer army. I've never worked with oils too much. How is it?


@penguin:well i do all sorts of art works, i sew and i knitt, and i crochet(spelling is bad), plus i love to do random arts and crafts.....
ummm how do you make those star things? they look awesome but the video died...or something.....if you would like to see some of my work i can show you.....i'll just have to upload and stuff

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