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** The Naked Hangout is made at Ava, Chiniba, Paper Town, and Zant. **

~:: Quest ::~
Ibiscus Flower Red: 350
Woolencap Black: 150
Gothic Tea Cup: 0
Medieval Silver Necklace: 400
Girl Hair 12 Ice Blue: 200
Armwarmer Black White: 400
Revolution Shorts Black: 400
Halloween Stripe Stockings White: 150
Total :: 2,050g

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• The Random Art Fairy - SWEETNESS!

And Now on Roliy! <3

:: ___________________________ ::

•:: Updates ::•
9-6-08 ~ Naked Hangout was Made ^w^


:: Look its a Grand Opening!! ::

-giggles- I like the name :]]

I'm also on Zant! It's a great place to be -nod nod-

I'm not newbish, but I'd like to stay around and chat, if that's okay?


Yes i am on Zant too XD The same username too ^=^""

How are you guys doing today??

I'm on Zant under my main's username^^

I'm doing alright, how're you?

I like your avatar!


Thank you very much i like it very much too XD i haven't changed it in such a long time XD

Whats your mine's username?

Well, I think it looks lovely^^ And colorful!

My main's username is Hollow Judgment ^-^

I'm adding you to my buddy list, cause your just awsome -nod nod-

Really, REALLY, oddly enough I mistook the tittle for something else >.>;

I'll put the emphasis on it :'D

"The Naked Hangout"

Damn, my dirty mind T 3T

Ooohhh, duh xD I thought dirty thoughs when I saw the name too, that's why I came in to see what was inside, lolz.

Dirty minds are what make people interesting^^


Oh Coolness <33

What did you think really think it was Joy?
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