Come on in and say hello!

hello hello roliana! gosh, the last time i visited this site was in 2013. 2013!!! i can barely believe it. i was... 16, then, i think? & now i'm 22! WOW i feel old all of a sudden, pft

i decided to log in for a trip down memory lane and found an old art thread of mine where i drew art freebies to build up my art confidence. i was astonished at my improvement (& how much confidence i slowly built up!) (and also, how much i actually got done OTL adhd ugh
what i've always loved about roliana is the community. since it's such a tight-knit site, everyone here is very friendly & welcoming... it almost feels like a village! not to mention its economy is totally reasonable and the staff are really cool (at least, from what i can remember all those years ago LOL)

anyway! that's enough about my departure. about me? i'm violet, i'm going to be a comic artist and i'm working on the first right now! it's still very much a work in progress, hehe. i also love video games (JRPGs, dating sims, action/adventure, platformers, rhythm, mobage, overwatch, etc etc... i just love video games!!)

i love to draw and write! i write a lot of fanfiction mostly, but i also write original stuff from time to time - i don't really write scripts for my comics, i find it easier to write everything like a story & then lift the script from that...
i'm studying japanese and italian in addition to art! my italian is conversational and my japanese is very, very basic, but i can understand enough to maneuver around ensemble stars ;3

hmm, what else... OH! cowboy bebop is very important to me - specifically, faye valentine! i hold her so close to my heart, she's gotten me through so many hard times. i relate to her so much <3 i also love sealife, linguistics, tarot, palmistry, criminology, forensics, etc... the list goes on & on.


ANYWAY! enough about me. what's up, everyone? i'd love to get to meet you - anything major i've missed in the 5-ish years i've been gone? xD

Re: "you know the first rule of combat? shoot...

Wishing for sunnier skies and brighter times . . . ☀* °

Welcome back! It's really nice that you decided to come back to us :smile:
You probably missed a lot, but if it's worth mentioning, i don't think so, there's of course a lot of new items to catch up on but you can go see them in the dream avatar creator. If you have any questions, feel free to @ping me and i'll come running :'D

have fun! And if you need a place to chat, i have a couple of active thread you can stop by ~

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