Come on in and say hello!


Hello, Roliana.
Let me be succinct in my introduction: I hate writing introductions. I do not think I'm very good at them, but I wanted to give my regards and say hello at the very least.

I'll probably be lurking around the website.

Re: Hello.

Hello, welcome to the world of Roliana.
Feel free to lurk as much as much; we have sometimes slow but pretty radical forums.
Do you prefer the designation LR or Lobotomy Rites?

Re: Hello.

hi! I love your username :D

Re: Hello.

McCoy wrote:

Thank you.
That sounds like my kind of forum.
Lobo or LR works; I'm pretty flexible, and don't get offended by different nicknames.

Re: Hello.

Stylo wrote:
I felt it was ironic, and I like ironic sorts of things. Even if it seems strange or off-foot. (Not sure if that's an idiom or not.)

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