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Moved and now actually have a computer

So I've come back multiple times before. Then life takes me away. Well, it's been my lack of computer actually. My husband was so nice enough to get me a laptop and keeps telling me to work on my art and book.
It's been so long, I don't even know what sites to go on or where to explore.

I became a mother and got married. But my son was taken away, details I don't want to go into. I will just say that I have done every single thing they have asked, and have been for almost 3 years now. Why they keep my son at this point is harassment. I'm finally getting him back, or so I hope to.

I keep being told to come on my laptop, I used to draw all the time. Used to paint and write but I'm having a hard time even starting. Life has been very depressing, and it's been going on years.

I guess I'm just coming back to the only thing that seems familiar, and even so it doesn't seem familiar at all.
Either way I'm back.
I moved, did classes, did medical treatments to try and get my hearing back with no avail.
But I'm back.

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Welcome back.

Not to be the bringer of bad news, but it sounds like you got a depression going on... Not too surprising seeing as what you're going through.

Maybe you don't need to paint or write right now. Maybe just try watching some other people's art? This may trigger you into drawing something later on? But even then, just try to get active in other ways? Do stuff you like doing and inspiration will strike when you least expect it!

That being said: I hope everything turns out for the best for you!

In the meanwhile: Roliana Community is here for you to spend some time on :smile:


Re: Moved and now actually have a computer

I am depressed. My memory I have a lot of blanks too. I fell into a coma a couple years ago and just can't remember my life like I used to. I forget everything and can't do any of the things I used to be able to do so well. Hearing mostly gone too that went when I woke up. I am very depressed.
Medicine doesn't help, but medicine doesn't help situational depression I'm told.

But I remember Roliana. I don't remember any other sites I used to go on, but for some reason I still remember Roliana.

I don't have any friends in real life, I have all the time in the world now because I can't work and don't go to school anymore. I'm getting my son back but I still stay home all day alone mostly.

I wanna come back for good this time, I wanna write and get inspiration. I tried to draw last night but my hands are shakey.
Thanks for the welcome! I hope to see you around more. =)

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Yeah situational depression only has one cure: To change the situation that is making you depressed.

I suffer from chronical depression so you can imagine how much I know about situational depression.

Currently I have this very unsteady parttime job. Only 1 - 2 days I can work in the week. And I don't always know when it is. And I noticed that I fall into a depression when I don't know when I get to work next time, but once I do, the depression cures itself.

I'm gonna try and see if I can't convince my boss to say when the next work day is before the end of the shift tomorrow. Just to avoid next week's depression...

I wished there was something I could say or do to help you with your depression >..> But I guess that is impossible. I guess I'll just say: I'm here for you!


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