Come on in and say hello!

Absolute Newbie Here ~~ Hello!

So, I played Gaia since 2003, and it's really gone downhill, lolol
Figured I'd try out some other avatar communities, see if I can make some new friends.
How is everyone doing?
And what are some suggestions to making monies on here? :smile:
Hi there! Glad to know I'm not missing much on Gaia! LOL

Anyway, Welcome to Roli! You don't earn gold here nearly as fast or as much as you do on Gaia, but they've designed it and kept it that way to keep inflation under control.
The number 1 way to earn gold is to post, post, post! You can earn up to 20g per post, which, if you stay active, will add up way faster than it sounds.
Another way is by playing games. You can earn up to 200g per game once daily for a total of 800g
The other 2 ways are Daily prize (the treasure chest that appears at the top of you screen when it's time for the daily prize) and Rolicoins. Rolicoins are little golden coins that appear randomly. Click them when you find them to get either 10g, 20g, 30g, or 40g.

I think that covers all the ways to earn gold. If you have anymore questions, feel free to ask! :)
@A Y Y Z E E

Yes! The admins and mods really do care about Roli and you can tell.
Roli isn't as active as it used to be but there are plenty of hangouts to post in in the hangouts forum that me and a few friends are keeping alive if you wanna come say hi! :)

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