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Bored, still waiting for my tablet too so hopefully I can draw here too~

I have to admit, this site seems confusing...and is there a way to see my avatar :( I just get some blank thing and I already enabled flash and javascript too...

Any help would be greatly appreciated ^_^

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hello! Welcome to our humble space on the internet. As far as your current issue not sure how to resolve that hopefully one of the admin may know how to reserve the issue =(. But never the less happy to have you here!!!! -H

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@The Black Dollia :
When you click on the bubble next to "Welcome, The Black Dollia", there should be a dropdown box. You can click "change avatar" there.
(This is the direct link:
You can use the items in the starter pack to make a nice avatar. (Or buy more items in the shops when you get the gold and use those items to make a ncie avatar)
Then click "save avatar" when you're done creating your avatar.
VERY IMPORTANT PART: then click "set as primary"

Normally if you then go to a different page, your avatar should show up on the forums and now also in the bubble on top.
IF it doesn't show up, then clear your browser cache. (It's just your browser being stubborn :wink: )

The reason we have the "set as primary" button is because you can save multiple outfits and switch between them whenever you want.


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Thank you for the welcomes ^_^!

I didn't know I had to set my avatar as my primary and make it o_o;; thank you for that too ^_^ <3

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hi! It's nice ot have more artists come in

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