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Hey All, New Here :)

Hello All
I just found this place from Googling stuffs n-n
I am nearing 30 D: Female who is employed currently and I own a Gecko and just recently moved into a new apartment by myself :) (Roommates tend to suuuuuuuuuck)

I like Video Games, Anime, Thrones, Marvel (Movies mostly haha), DC (tv shows mostly....cause the movies tend to BOMB), Roleplaying and Writing (Rusty at both but ask and I may try to indulge). Drawing as well, though really meh and rusty with that but I may want to take it up again sometime :)

Re: Hey All, New Here :)

Welcome! It's pretty dead here these days, and the site is actually due to close down in July, but I hope you find some cool people to chat with before then.

Re: Hey All, New Here :)

Sounds good! Congrats on the new apartment, by the way.

Since you like Marvel movies, is it safe to say you've seen Endgame?

Re: Hey All, New Here :)

Thanks, it is so peaceful now that I'm not in with slummy roommates.
Yep I have (Also the big battle in Thrones if you watch that too lol)
T'was such a big nerd weekend last weekend.

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