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Rules and Guidelines

Please read this page thoroughly before posting. It may look long, but it makes everything easier for both you and the staff! Once you get used to the Rolian culture you'll probably find that these rules become second-nature, but we understand that not all new users will get everything right the first time. Both staff and experienced users are here to help you out, so give this page a read and let us know if you have questions afterwards!

For our older users, it is highly suggested that you reread these rules as of the changes on 9/8/12. We have clarified some older rules and made some important changes as well!

Record of changes:
9/9/12 - Rules and consequences clarified. Rules on double posting and mules updated.

9/22/12 - As BBC codes no longer earn gold, we have updated the rules on BBC codes and post decorations.

3/1/13 - Clarified the rules involving using images as part of post decorations.

2/1/15 - Added signature limits.

5/2/15 - Removed some obsolete points in the rules.

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Forum etiquette

Spam - Unlike many online forums, we do not allow spam posts. We encourage our users to chat and get more involved in the site, rather than reverting to spamming for income. Any of the following may be considered spam at the discretion of a moderator:
  1. Off-topic posts: Please try to stay on-topic. Posting "Guyssss, I love cats!" in a thread about American politics really has no purpose.

    Advertising: Do not post material solely for the purpose of promoting another website, business, etc. You may advertise in your signature, provided that the content you are advertising is legal and PG-13.

    Copy-and-paste posts: Do not copy and paste a single message or other block of text and post it repeatedly. Even if you modify a few words, if the majority of the post remains the same, it is still copy-and-pasting.

    Plagiarism: Do not post any text that was not originally composed by yourself. This includes anything from an article to a song to chain letters. If you wish to share these things, please post a link or use quote tags and cite the source.

    Triple posting: Please do not post more than twice in a row in the same thread. Just wait for someone to respond, be patient! Exceptions are made for bumping, setting up threads, and accidents. Bumping is allowed if nobody has responded in 24 hours, or if the thread has fallen off the first page of the forum without a response.

    Repeat topics: Please do not create threads of topics that are already being discussed. If a similar thread has been made in the last 2 weeks, please use that one.
Our response to spam is varied. In general, another user or moderator might just give you a friendly nudge and say "hey, that's spam, try adding a bit more!". If you require repeated friendly warnings, or if you appear to be spamming intentionally, we will give you an official warning. We may also choose to delete your spam posts, which will deduct the currency you earned from them.

Drama and harassment - Keep your personal issues off of the site! Even if they "started it" or have a view conflicting your own, do not flame (attack) other members. If you have a problem with another user harassing you, please contact a moderator rather than fighting back and making the problem worse. If you have some sort of issue with another user, do not let the world know by talking about them (even if you don't name names) badly about them in public, or intentionally giving them a bad name. Please work out personal disputes off of the site or in private message. If a user asks you to leave their thread, please respect that.

Minor spats will probably result in a friendly warning or two before escalating to a three-strike warning (3 warnings before a ban). Major fights may only receive 1 or 2 warnings. Temporary bans are occasionally used as a final warning before a permaban. Temps may last anywhere from 3 days to 2 weeks or more, depending on the severity.

Public criticism of the site - While we openly welcome your comments and criticism, please do not do so in a scathing or attacking way. Constructive criticism is key: "Wow this MI blows" is completely useless to us. Try to let us know more about the problem, such as "I don't like this MI; the colors are really hard to use and this theme X just isn't something I'm interested in, I'd rather have theme Y". This way, we can target the issue and try to fix it in the future. Remember that we are not able to cater to every person's wishes, and be patient, as we are constantly working on the site in order to improve and grow! If you have a problem with a staff member, contact an administrator for help.

Adult content - Adult images and cybering (role-playing sexual acts) are not tolerated. They will get you banned without warning. Sex, sexuality, relationships, are perfectly fine topics to discuss, but keep explicit details to a minimum. Basically, keep things from getting pornographic. If you are an artist and want to share something which includes nudity (again, no sex acts please!) use a spoiler tag and warn users that it's NSFW :)
Roleplaying relationships is often where users get confused over this rule, so here are some guidelines:
  1. 1. Fade-to-black is allowed. This is a method where sex may be implied, but is not written or acted explicitly in any way.
    2. Foreplay can still get you banned! Even if you don't write out the actual sex scene, you should not allow any prior scenes to contain sexual content either. This includes touching of or references to genitalia, adult toys, and so on.
    3. The writing of violence, gore, etc. is allowed within reason.
    4. If you question whether it's PG-13 or not, don't do it or ask a moderator before doing it. Exercise common sense. A word of caution: Both participants in adult RPs will be banned. If your RP partner asks you to participate in something you are not comfortable with, please decline. If you report your partner and have not done anything wrong yourself, you will not be in trouble.

Grammar- While we don't expect everyone to have perfect grammar and spelling, please do not speak in l33t and avoid littering your posts with excessive chatspeak. Try to type out your words rather than abbreviating them all... you'll earn more gold for it!

Introduction | Forum etiquette | Trades and Scamming | Other Forum Guidelines | Reporting Violations | Helpful Links
Trades and Scamming

Regarding trades - Our trading system was broken for several years. While they work now, many of our users still prefer using what we call the "donation method". The donation method is where both users simply donate the items/gold to one another rather than using an actual trade. This IS considered a legitimate transaction and users who attempt to scam using this method will be treated exactly the same as if it were an actual trade.

While using the donation method, it is courtesy to give the other user one week to complete the trade. If the other user takes longer than one week and you suspect scamming, please contact a moderator. Scamming can also be considered deliberately misleading another user for personal gain. Please remember to do your own research before purchasing items from another user; ignorance on your own half does not mean the other person is a scammer!

Other trading rules -
  1. Off-site trading: Do not attempt to trade your Roliana currency or items for off-site or real world currency or items.

    Begging: Do not make a thread or post only to ask for donations. If you have something that you want, try making a Quest or visiting the Charity forum. In a Quest thread, you can record your progress towards the goal, while in the Charity forum you can chat and enter contests to possibly win free things.

    Item Reimbursements: Should you accidentally buy or sell an item from any of our item shops, you will not be reimbursed. This includes uncommon items such as those from our 'Spin the Wheel' game or those that can be bought from the Ancient Temple via platinum. Because of the amount of time involved and the limited number of administrators able to deal with trade problems, do not expect all lost donations to be reimbursed. Misspelled usernames, missent trades, and item loans all are user mistakes and may not be dealt with. Please be careful and double check before sending items or money to another user!
So far, Roliana has had incredibly few scam cases and we plan to keep it that way by dealing with scammers harshly. If we believe that you just got busy with real life before completing a donation trade, we'll simply reverse the trade with no harm done. If we have reason to believe that you acted maliciously or deceptively, ignored the other user in an attempt to profit or delay payment, or otherwise attempted to scam our users or staff, we will not hesitate to permanently ban you.[/color]

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Other forum guidelines

Post decorations & BBC codes - BBC codes that affect text (bolds, color changes, sizes, etc) are unlimited. You may use as many as you please. However, please refrain from using gradient text in your normal postings--this includes changing the color of every word or every character.

Post decorations are allowed within certain limits. If you use decorative text, keep it under 100 characters long total. Here is a link to a character counter. For everyone's sanity, if you use text decorations that contain lyrics or phrases then PLEASE make an obvious distinction between your decorations and your actual post content. Either use a different color, space them apart by a few lines, etc. You may also use up to two images in your decoration. This limit is enforced because while text BBC codes no longer earn gold, image tags still do. All of your decorations combined should be no taller than the avatar field (200 pixels). Update: Please remember that, because image URLs count towards your gold count, that the length of their URLs contribute to the 100 character limit of your decorations.

If your decoration is very visually obnoxious (ex. animated strobe flashing) or really hard to differentiate from your post then you may be asked by a mod to change it.

These rules do not apply to setting up certain threads like hangouts or shops--in there you may use gradients, more images, etc. As with spam, we'll let this slide a few times. If we have to remind you of this rule repeatedly, you will receive warnings.

Signatures - Please limit signature dimensions to 800px width and 300px height. This limit applies to the total size of your entire signature. Multiple images may be used, as long as they fit within this limit when used together.

Age requirements - By law, all users must be at least 13 years of age to use Roliana. Any users discovered to be under the age of 13 will be banned without warning. Your account will be unbanned and returned to you once you turn 13 IF we can determine when that is.

Alternate accounts or "mules" - You are allowed to create and use two additional accounts (for a total of three accounts per person). You are free to play games, post, and trade items and gold between all of your own accounts. Essentially, whatever you do with your main you may do with your mule. However, because of people creating more than one addition account and blaming it on siblings, friends, etc., if you share an IP address with any other users other than your own three accounts, you may not exchange items or money between them. You are not allowed to use your Referral link to create your mule account. Any abuse of the rules on either account may lead to a ban of both accounts.

Note that even though we have increased this limit from 1 mule on 9/8/12, anybody who was disciplined for multimuling before this change is not free from wrongdoing--if you broke the rule back then, it's still going to stay on your record. If you had a mule banned under the old rules that you would like to reactivate under this new rule, we will allow that at a cost of 500g paid to Kenneth. PM a moderator for details and requests. If you deactivated an extra mule voluntarily there is no fee.

Sharing accounts - We strongly recommend that you do not share your account with anyone, even if it is your sibling or best friend. There are always cases on every site where one person runs off with all the account's wealth or gets the account banned by breaking rules. We will not be looking into these cases; if you share your password with others, you are responsible for whatever happens.

Referrals - Do not spam your personal referral link on other websites, and do not register any accounts on your IP to your referral link. Do not have friends create multiple accounts on your referral link. Gold from deleted referrals due to abuse will be removed; or accounts will be banned without question for signing up too many fake accounts.

Glitch exploitations - In the event that a glitch occurs, users may not abuse this for personal profit. Users found exploiting glitches may be banned. Users may not tamper with the site, their account, or others' accounts using means of hacking. If you find a glitch that can be exploited for profit or puts the site at risk, PLEASE DON'T post about it in the forums, just PM a mod or admin directly!

Illegal material - While we know that most people on the internet these days sail the high tides of a pirate, please don't post links to illegal downloads of a game, song, video, or other copyrighted material. In the same vein, please don’t ask for them either!

Proxies and ban-evasion - Use of a proxy to attempt to evade a ban, work around an IP ban, or use more than the allowed number of mules is prohibited. Once you are banned, you are no longer welcome on the site. If you wish to return, please contact the staff at or on one of our off-site hubs (Facebook, etc) and we'll discuss it.

Rules vary slightly by forum - Remember to read each forum's set of rules, if applicable. Some forums have additional rules, or may be moderated more leniently or strictly. Also remember that, as the site grows, more rules may be added and current rules may be changed. In the event that your account is penalized for reasons other than those currently listed in these rules, any decisions made by the Administrators are final. If a situation such as this occurs the site staff will all discuss the matter in private, and the final decision will be made based on the view-points expressed in the discussion.

Ban Appeals - You have 1 year's time to appeal a permanent ban if you feel that you were wrongfully banned. After 1 year, your items and gold may be stripped from your account and given to a staff-run charity that will redistribute them to active users. Appeals should be sent to or sent to one of Roliana's off-site hubs like our deviantArt.

Introduction | Forum etiquette | Trades and Scamming | Other Forum Guidelines | Reporting Violations | Helpful Links
Reporting violations

In order to report a broken rule, site glitch, etc., first understand what each branch of our forum staff deals with.

Moderators have the following abilities:

  1. Locking, deleting, editing, and moving threads or posts.
    Viewing the IP address of posts
    Viewing the accounts linked to a certain IP
    Warning and Banning individual users
    Activating accounts
    Editing account information such as username, email, password, etc.
    Changing/removing polls.
    Stickying threads
    Splitting Threads
    Settling basic user disputes (but not those related to items/trading)
    Edit or fix items (specific to Content Managers)

Most reports should be sent to a moderator, but if you have a problem to report that is not listed in the above list, please contact an Administrator. Administrators have extended powers, such as the ability to settle item/trade disputes, more thoroughly investigate site problems, and more.

If reporting a glitch, feel free to post in the "Help Me" forum, UNLESS the glitch is potentially dangerous or may be abused by other users, in which case contact an administrator rather than posting in public for everyone to see and potentially abuse.

How to report -

When reporting, please include ALL of the following information:

  1. The user or issue being reported
    Links to the offending post(s)
    What exactly are you reporting? (What rule is being broken?)
    Screenshots of Private Messages, if applicable.

Please try to include the word "Report" in the title of the private message. Do not report things that do not need to be reported! Unless a user is obviously breaking a rule, do not send a message unless you can prove that staff interference is necessary.

Want to be a moderator? - Well, your first step to becoming a moderator is to not ask us. Remember that being a Moderator is a job and not a popularity indicator. We are constantly keeping an eye or two out for friendly users that might make a good addition to our team, and will add those members when we feel that we need to increase our team size.

Introduction | Forum etiquette | Trades and Scamming | Other Forum Guidelines | Reporting Violations | Helpful Links
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Helpful Links

Phew, now we're done! - Now that you're familiar with the rules of the site, here are some handy links to give you help with anything else you may need.

New Here forum- Just say hi! Come be greeted by other members and newbies.

Guides subforum - A little subforum dedicated to all types of guides about Roliana.

Support and Feedback forum - Still lost? Come ask anything Roliana-related here! Another user or staff member will drop in soon to help.

Introduction | Forum etiquette | Trades and Scamming | Other Forum Guidelines | Reporting Violations | Helpful Links
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