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Persona (series)

Over the last year or so, I've gotten into the Persona series. While I've only played three games so far, I'm really enjoying it. Right now I've played Persona 3 (Portable), Persona 4 (Golden), and Persona 5. Persona 4 is the only one I've beaten so far, but I'm most of the way through 3 and 5 (being in December and November respectively). Oh, and I've also started Persona Q, though I'm not very far.

What Persona games have you played?
Which one is your favorite? Least favorite?
Favorite character? Least favorite?
Favorite part of the series?

Re: Persona (series)

I'm already a fairy...


Eyyyyy, welcome to the fandom! Persona is an amazing franchise, cash cow be damned. It's helped me through tough times in life and even learn life lessons...! Plus, it's just so darn fun.

Let's see here...

What Persona games have you played?

Persona 3:FES, Persona 3 Portable, Persona 4, Persona 4 Golden, Persona 4: Dancing All Night, Persona 5, Persona Q, Persona 4 Arena/Ultimax... I think that's all! Persona 4 was my first introduction to the series ^w^

Which one is your favorite? Least favorite?

Hm... Gosh, this is so hard! I'd have to say Persona 3:FES/Portable. The atmosphere, story, characters, themes, lessons, morals, aesthetics, gameplay, etc --- they all appeal to me the most!

Persona 5 is a very, very, very close second, though --- for all reasons stated above. Persona 3/Portable are just a closer to my heart since I first played them during a really rough point in my life when I was a teenager; that, and the nostalgia factor, heh.

Favorite character? Least favorite?

GOODNESS I have SO many. I guess I'll put 'em into categories! Super favs are underlined! MEGA FAVS are italicized and underlined! >:3c

Persona 3/Portable: Hamuko, Minato, Theodore, Mitsuru, Shinjiro, Jin, Fuuka, Yukari, Aegis, Chihiro, Toriumi, Hidetoshi, Chidori, Natsuki, Keisuke, Maiko, Bebe, Akinari

Persona 4/Golden: Souji, Yosuke, Yukiko, Naoto, Teddie, Adachi, Dojima, Nanako, Margaret, Yumi, Ai, Kanji, Kou, Daisuke, Hisano, Marie, Morooka

Persona 5: Akira, Goro, Yusuke, Futaba, Sae, Sojiro, Iwai, Tae, Hifumi, Makoto

Now, on to least favorites...

Persona 3/Portable: Hmm... Gosh, I don't know. Metis, probably?

Persona 4/Golden: Mitsuo, Naoki, Labrys

Persona 5: Shido, Haru

Favorite part of the series?

Goro Akechi's entire arc, believe it or not. I can empathize with everything he went through, and it left its mark on me, too, so I have this big soft spot for him... He's my son.


Goodness, what a mouthful! Please pardon the wall of text,I'm just so passionate about this amazing series <3 Welcome aboard!!!


... don't you know that?

Re: Persona (series)

I'm currently playing number 5 and loving it!!

Started off playing number 4 but have yet to play golden, weren't too sure about Chie's new voice actress though. I have a feeling that may annoy me :joy:

I own Persona 3 but have yet to complete. Maybe I'll go back to it after completing 5, i've just completed the MedJed arc.

4 is my favourite. I like the new things you get to do in 5 but I think because 4 is the first I played its going to be the closest to my heart :heart:

Favourite character in 4 has got to be Kanji.
Favourite character so far in 5? umm. Quite like Futaba currently, that may change though.

My favourite part of the game is working through everyones personal storylines. I still need to replay Persona 4 to get through all of them. Thankfully you keep your maxed out social links when you replay so I got more time to focus on others :grinning:

Re: Persona (series)

@Faye Valentine: Wow, you definitely have a lot of favorite characters. :O Goro initially wasn't a character I liked much, though I definitely liked him more the further I got. I still haven't beaten 5 yet, but I've gotten far enough to see his true colors.

@Ivydoodle: I remember reading about Persona 4 Golden having different voice actors, but I haven't heard the original voice actors (the English ones anyway). Social links are definitely a highlight for the series for me as well. Isn't just the social skills that roll into a New Game+, not the links?

Re: Persona (series)

Social skills ya keep and then the social links reset if they're not maxed out is what I read. I'm sure you keep the level 10 ones. I could be wrong though! Haven't played a second run through to find out yet :joy:
Yeah I recommended googling the different voices of P4 and P4Golden. Its so weird to me.

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