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Re: What was the last game you played?

Xenoblade Chronicles 2. I beat the game about a month ago, and I've been working towards getting all the rare blades and completing almost all the quests. I got locked out of doing at least one due to story progression. xD

Re: What was the last game you played?

Maskeddream wrote:
Sat Feb 03, 2018 9:24 am

Mass Effect Andromeda......... I was super disappointed. Connected with a couple characters but after the first 3 games it was a total disappointment.

I feel you :/
For me, they also just abandoned too much of the world of the first trilogy. I get why, with the different outcomes and such, but the world doesn't feel whole without all the races and such...

Aside from Animal Crossing Pocket Camp and about 5 mins of Monster Hunter World, I last played Okami on the PS4. I played it on PS2 before, but on a big TV, it was a bit of an eyesore, so when I saw it while shopping, I went ahead and grabbed it :blush:

Re: What was the last game you played?

Xenoblade Chronicles 2. The one quest that I thought I was locked out of got patched so hurray! I haven't gotten any more rare blades for awhile (curse you RNG), but I've completed quite a few more quests. New Game + is supposed to come out later this month, and I'm looking forward to that. I'm planning on playing it with the Japanese VAs since Rex's English VA kinda sucks (plus RIP Ardainain Soldiers memes).

Re: What was the last game you played?


i decided to procrastinate and download animal crossing: pocket camp + sims: free play.... i keep switching between the two its so addictive!! i'm enjoying living in a virtual world and ignoring real life responsibilities :P

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