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Animal Crossing Wild World!

I've been looking for Wild World for so long and I finally found it in a DnD and other games store! I'm so happy I get to play this again, I've missed it like no tomorrow.

The silly thing is, I don't want to play New Leaf because.... Well... In that game you play as the mayor and that kinda gives me anxiety. :sweat: :sweat:

I know that it's silly. But at least I have Wild World!

Re: Animal Crossing Wild World!

Wow, what a throwback. I loved Wild World back in the day, I'm pretty sure I played it almost every day for at least 2 years. It was one of my favorite games for the DS. I remember the first time I played it was at a relative's house, during one of those really big holiday family parties. He let me play his game a bit, and after that I just had to buy my own copy.

I love designing and collecting things, so Animal Crossing is just right up my alley. All the small details they put into the game are really great. Honestly, one of my favorite things about Wild World is how terribly difficult it is to get a Golden Axe. Getting it was a REAL accomplishment. these New Leaf players don't even know

I have to say that New Leaf is my favorite entry in the franchise so far, but something that I really miss from Wild World that they didn't include in New Leaf is Celeste's observatory.

Re: Animal Crossing Wild World!

Ah, I've been feeling really nostalgic about the GameCube version lately. I'm thinking of wiping my old file and playing it again. I kind of liked how rude the villagers were in the GameCube version, I thought it was really funny. There are a lot of features from the GameCube version that I wish they brought back, like Wisp and the lighthouse and... morning aerobics... and the random soccer balls

The fetch quests were kind of annoying but honestly I also liked how it made it more difficult. The favors in the recent games are a bit too easy, haha.

Re: Animal Crossing Wild World!


Wild World was the first Animal Crossing game I played and I loved it so much. I used to keep my DS running and play it throughout the day during my freshman year of high school (up until Pokemon Pearl coming out). I got both the gold rod and gold net, but I can't remember if I ever got the gold axe or shovel. Some of my classmates had the game and one of their neighbors moved into my town. She's still living in it the last time I booted the game up years ago.

Re: Animal Crossing Wild World!

One of of my friends had wild world while I was in high school when I first had it. We played around in each others worlds during lunch break and then when I went back to my town I found the little kitten who needed to get back to her mom which was in my friends world. I never got to return her to her mother and I still feel guilty for that.

Re: Animal Crossing Wild World!


I know what kitten you're talking about. I was lucky to never have her appear in my town after visiting a classmate's town, but she's appeared after I've gone over to one of my sister's towns.

Re: Animal Crossing Wild World!


Lyle is really annoying in Wild World. He gets less annoying in City Folk and New Leaf. I remember him being useful in Wild World if you have a fake painting you got from Redd or if you have bad luck and trip.

Re: Animal Crossing Wild World!

Can Lyle really be considered useful if he gives you 100 bells as compensation for buying a fake painting for 3,000 bells I mean what a rip-off

... I still buy the insurance

Re: Animal Crossing Wild World!

So I caught a scorpion, on accident. For those who don't know scorpions rush you if you have your net out and attack. Now I was chasing a cricket and swung my net. As I hit the button and my net swung a scorpion rushed at me from the corner of the screen and ran right into my net. I was gobsmacked for three whole minutes before I realized I'd gotten hella lucky.

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