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Lately I have been playing the Fable series again. I love that Fable was originally designed to be a dark fairy tale. The Heroes are not always the good people. Being a Hero just means you get to do stuff that a normal citizen of Albion would never dare try like fighting Nymphs, grave digging, cross dressing and reading/enacting bizarre stories to schools children in Bowerstone!! :satisfied:

Whenever I get stuck at a spot on Fable, I just flip back to playing Skyrim on xbox one. The mods for the game give you access to all kinds of additional dungeons, followers and weapons/armors as if they were DLCs. It is nice!

Re: What was the last game you played?


Animal Crossing: New Leaf. My sister has been playing it quite a bit lately so I joined in. xD I've been trying to clean up extra random flowers in my town. I also made a Snowmam and am trying to get items from the ice series.

Dragon Age: Inquisition

Kept hearing my family play it so once the theme song got stuck in my mind I just had to start a new character.

Re: What was the last game you played?


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The lst game I have played is Super Smash Bros. Brawl!
I don' remember how to play, but it's pretty easy to pick up and smash buttons. >w <
We encountered like 5 characters and sadly could not beat any of them lol. i got close all the time, but i don't know the keys to do the critical hit or whatever.
i don't plan on buying it or playing it often so i'll just deal with not knowing how to fly or doing that move. T mT


Re: What was the last game you played?


Let's Go Eevee. Even though I've had the game since it came out, I finally got around to beating it. xD I was worried that my team would be overleveled but only my Ninetails was. I guess I'll catch Mewtwo soon.

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