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MMORPGs - Do you play?

Like the title asks, do you play any MMORPGs?

I've played a lot, but I'm not currently active in any of them. I just seem to be in constant limbo with games. ; n ;

I recently tried playing ArcheAge and Tera again, and I just don't find either of them worth the time. Tera has fun combat, but everything is so repetitive. :C I love GuildWars2, but all my buds have moved on (to other games or have real life business to attend to) and the friendship bonds are part of what make it so great.

I really want to get back into Black Desert, but I just don't have the time to invest that it requires. :/ It's so beautiful ad the combat is completely amazing - sometimes I hate being an adult.

I'm thinking about picking Wild Star back up, and I'm probably going to resubscribe to FFXIV this weekend...but I also just received an e-mail to participate in ESO's new beta, so I'M CONFLICTED. XDD

Re: MMORPGs - Do you play?

MMORPGs are my favorite games. I have a personal love of FFXIV (and FFXI, because it was my first ever), but I tend to play in cycles. Play one game constantly for a few weeks or a couple of months, and then get bored with it and move on to something else.
My defaults, when I can't find anything else that sounds like fun, are ESO, FFXIV, and when I'm really in a slump, WoW.
I've been out of the gaming scene for a while lately because of big life changes, but now I find myself looking for something to get back into. It probably won't be an MMO to start, but only because the husband wants to play something together and we tend to do better with hack and slash style games.
So Path of Exile, Diablo 3, or Grim Dawn are probably my top choices right now.

Also, ESO has a new beta??

Re: MMORPGs - Do you play?

I play MMOs!

I used to play World of Warcraft, and I love Aion, but recently, I've been playing a lot of Neverwinter. It's free, and free-to-play, and a bunch of my online friends are playing it :grinning:

Re: MMORPGs - Do you play?

I just picked up WoW again so that my husband and I could play an MMO together! (He's new to MMOs and doesn't like the "animoo style" (as he calls it) of most of the games I play.) I don't know if you played Legion, but I feel like it definitely brought something good back to the WoW world. \

Yeah! They're releasing a new Morrowind update. o u o Details!

I used to play Neverwinter, too! It has a nifty system, but I don't like the cash shop. :c

Re: MMORPGs - Do you play?

I don't like that you can pay to get an advantage, but I can live with it because you can get those same items in the game without paying, it just takes more grinding

Re: MMORPGs - Do you play?

I started playing Villagers & Heroes which I like when I actually have time to play it. Mostly I like it because it has the feel of a computer MMORPG, but I can play it on my tablet or phone.

Re: MMORPGs - Do you play?


Batsy Says. . .

Not sure if these are considered MMORPG's but I play
Blade & Soul, Revelation online and TERA.

I am not very good at knowing about games. :sweat_smile:
But I very much enjoy all of these.

Re: MMORPGs - Do you play?

I play "Digimon Masters Online" through steam!
I adore it so much x3
Too much, cause I spent a lot of money on it >__<
ahaha T_T

Anyone else play it?

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