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Re: Pokemon Go!

Team: Mystic
Level: 27
Buddy: Wailmer

My favorite part of PoGo is collecting and finding new Pokemon.

I usually play PoGo when I am in more populated areas and then Jurassic World Alive when I am closer to home as I live in a more rural area.

Re: Pokemon Go!

I'm Prozra on POGO. I'm only level 14, but I'm just now getting back into POGO. Right now I have a Bellsprout as my companion until I evolve it. Usually I have a Magikarp named Magic Harp as my companion. Lol

Re: Pokemon Go!

If anyone's still playing, I'm Ghules there:
9095 8953 8493
Just started playing again this week, so I'm not far along in levels and such...

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